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Unleash your Magic - A Light Language Activation Course. Join Now at

Light Language is the Language of the Soul & through activating your unique Soul Language you will access more of your Multidimensional Self!

Unleash your Magic is a Light Language Activation Course that will be available 1st July and will include all you need to activate and start expressing your unique soul's language in whatever way that is for you.

There are so many ways that Light Language can be expressed and you might bring it through in one way or multiple ways. Whatever happens is exactly as it is supposed to be. It is also ever changing as you strengthen your channel. This is an energetic process and a heart centred practice so opening our hearts is what we need to unleash our magic. You will receive practices to raise your energy, open your heart and clear your space so that you are always working in the highest possible vibration. Come with me on this journey of unleashing the magic that is within. 


Accessed online, Unleash Your Magic will include Live Zoom Calls across 6 Weeks along with recorded audio and video content, written content and lots of activations. You can also opt for a VIP Add on for a 1:1 Session with me.


Your Investment will be $555 Aud with Payment Options available. If this is something that you are called to be a part of, then you can Register by Pre-Booking with a $100 Deposit to secure your place. 


Email should you require any additional information and to obtain Payment Details

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