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K2 Tumbledstone by Earth Star Transmissions

K2 Tumbledstone


For the spiritual seeker, K2 Stone is ideal for clearing and activating the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras. A crystal of inner vision, it may be used to enhance dreams, awaken and strengthen psychic abilities and intuition, and connect with one’s spirit guides and Higher powers for wisdom and guidance.

K2 Tumbledstone is a marvelous professional stone for psychics, mediums, and other Lightworkers to remain grounded in objectivity and accuracy during their interpretations to avoid inadvertently injecting their own experiences or influences.

During meditation, K2 Tumbledstone facilitates relaxation and provides an easy entry to the “no-mind” state, urging the soul toward enlightenment. It allows one to travel deep within the inner being or to journey safely out of the body. It brings assistance in exploring past or alternate lifetimes and may utilize for multidimensional cellular reprogramming.

For those not content to draw inspiration from afar but are compelled to push their limits to experience nature at its most extreme, K2 Tumbledstone is an empowering and protective ally, a talisman of strength and personal will aligning one’s physical structure with the ethereal nervous system. It encourages one to dig deep from one’s experiences, roots, and traditional origins for strength and might and to understand that when the mind wills it, the body will emit the precise amount of energy needed in any situation.

For those who struggle with tremendous obstacles in their daily lives and those who know their battle may not end in victory but give it all they’ve got, K2 Stone can be a beautiful talisman of hope and support. It eliminates fear, indecision, and worry and imparts clear direction with an unimpaired flow of energy to dissolve barriers to one’s progress.


$15.00 Aud each 


5.5cm in diameter

Approx. 34g


Pick up Merrylands, Sydney, NSW or shipping calculated at checkout 

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