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Earth Star Transmissions Blog

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Welcome to Earth Star Transmissions

Earth Star Transmissions Blog

Earth Star Transmissions Blog is a space for me to express in written form. Some are channelled transmissions and others are what I feel drawn to share and usually I am prompted to do so and when that happens I jump to it and start typing. I get the nudge and i'm off and running. I definitely don't consider myself a writer, but I enjoy it; I always have, and I know it is a form of healing as I am able to express what is rising up from within. I loved writing stories at school when I was a young child and it was the only part of school that I didn't hate.

I love to share knowledge, guidance and to uplift and support others. I am a Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Channel.

Earth Star Transmissions was birthed in name only, not too long ago, but has existed since 2014 with a variety of name changes. I began with 'Faeryfly' because of my connection with the elemental realm, finding myself in almost every meditation deep in the heart of the forest somewhere, standing under a waterfall of light, connecting with the beings that dwell there.

I then changed to my own name as I felt that as I am the brand that I should step out and stop hiding, as I was still worried about what others would think of me. Since my Awakening I had changed and was now stepping into a whole new world of spiritual and psychic development, Reiki and Crystals and no one I knew had ever heard of Reiki. There was a sense of it not being okay that I was changing and that they preferred the old me. There was that blank stare when asked what I do for work in social situations, when I would reply with Reiki, or a smirk and an uncomfortable shift in the chair they were sitting in. I came to the realisation over time that it never matters what anyone else thinks and that it is what we think and feel that is the only thing of relevance, so I moved forward yet again with a new name or two, until finally settling on Earth Star Transmissions.

Narelle Monteleone of Earth Star Transmissions is a Spiritual Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Channel & Reiki Master. Visit to Book Sessions, Courses, Workshops or to Purchase products in the Online Store.

Earth Star Transmissions is a Holistic Practice that provides Healing, Teaching, Activation and Transformation through Sessions/Workshops/Classes/Courses and Products through our Online Store.


Services are delivered Online, In Person and via Distance as everything is energy so it is not necessary to be in the same location. Some people prefer in person sessions and some prefer online or distance. The choice is yours!

Book your session at


  • Reiki

  • Multidimensional Healing

  • Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

  • Light Language & Channelling

  • Akashic Records Journey

Join our online courses at


  • Awaken your Inner Mystic Course

Checkout Earth Star Transmissions Workshops and Courses at


  • Goddess Retreats

  • Women's Spiritual Development

  • Reiki Attunements

  • Seichim Attunements

  • Creativity Workshops

Meditation Classes at Earth Star Transmissions


  • Guided Meditation Classes in Person - Mondays 7pm in Merrylands, Sydney

  • Monthly Membership held via Zoom includes Healing, Guidance, Activation, Card Readings & Community - $22 Aud

Earth Star Transmissions provides Aura Sprays, Reiki Candles, Botanicals and Herbs at


  • Crystals

  • Aura Sprays

  • Botanicals

  • Herbs

  • Crystal & Flower Essential Oil Candles

To connect with Earth Star Transmissions visit our website

Alternatively you can Follow our Social Media Pages

If you are drawn to Light Language Join 'Light Language with Earth Star Transmissions Private FB Group' Use link

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