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You're not stuck!

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

There are times we all encounter on the Spiritual journey where we feel we should be achieving more than we are. We may have grand plans and envision ourselves down the track beaming with success only to blink and realise that seems like a lifetime away. Don't be so hard on yourself because it is normal to go through stages of what might feel like a plateau or as though your Guides have abandoned you. They haven't!

You're not going backward at all, merely taking a breather while what you have been working through or manifesting has a chance to catch up. We use a lot of energy as we work on ourselves which enables us to grow and if we didn't take some time out now and then we would burn out. This is a life long journey after all, and it's not something that can be forced or rushed (ding! lightbulb moment). It is not suppose to happen overnight and would likely be too much for us to cope with if it did.

You're not stuck! A blog by Earth Star Transmissions. Read more at

The image above is the perfect visual for how we should approach life - Maybe not quite as cruisey as a cat does, but with an attitude of accepting what comes our way, taking action when needed and not judging ourselves or another's life choices, oh and definitely not comparing ourselves to anyone. We are all on our own inner journey which in turn reflects our outer world and what and who will enter our experience. Working on ourselves is so important and should be something that is made a priority. There is so much emphasis when we begin our education, on Reading, Writing etc which of course is necessary, but what about our internal learning? What about the wisdom that we each possess just waiting to be unlocked? It is all there ready to be accessed but no one tells us this. Imagine for a moment if you had known as a child (and of course many children do know) that if you relax and breathe and enter into your heart, a whole other world opens up for you - One of wonder, of magic, of guidance that will help you navigate your life much more smoothly than us trying to find our way through and hoping for the best. Imagine if you will, how many times you have had to make a decision and were uncertain as to what you should do. You probably asked your family or friends and got a mix of answers and were left even more confused than before you had asked for their input. The reason for this is although they love you and want what's best for you, they are NOT you and are not fit to be making decisions for YOU. The only one that can do that is YOU, with the help of your higher Self/Spiritual Guides/Angels etc. Making decisions based on how you feel, what you are being guided to do and how each option feels within your heart is the way to make decisions in alignment with your highest purpose. The more you listen to this guidance, the less you will feel you are off course. You will eventually get back to where you are meant to be, even if you don't take the advice that at times is literally thrown at you in every way possible, that if you are not in the right space energetically, you may miss. When we are asking others about how we should be navigating OUR lives, we give our power away and make it easy for others to take energy from us. The road is a winding one or can be a straight line depending on how well you listen to your guidance then act upon it. You WILL get to where you are going one way or another, but doesn't the straight line sound much less daunting?

So, back to feeling stuck - It is normal to go through this from time to time. You may be integrating new energy into your system, or your physical body is in need of a break or your mind has been running overtime and you just need to take a side step from all the work you have been doing and just take a breath. When we go through a challenging time we may feel disconnected, but it's just so we can have some time to process the situation. Don't view this as a negative because it's not. It's getting you ready for the next chapter, so it is nothing but positive.

All will be well and will begin to move again when the time is right. Trust that everything happens in divine timing so this is a lesson in PATIENCE and TRUST. The more you go with the flow and release any temptation to control it, the easier the process will be.

Narelle x

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