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You attract what you are!

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

You Attract what you Are - Everything is energy Blog by Earth Star Transmissions

We are here on this Earth school - one where challenges are met with either fear or love and each approach will determine how quickly our lessons are learned. Some call them experiences, some refer to them as lessons, but they are essentially tools for us to gain wisdom from. If only we knew - if only we knew what this world was before we embarked on the journey. Would we would be so incredibly eager to take part in this tumultous time in Earth's history? Would we wish to be birthed into what one might describe as a rollercoaster ride like no other? The answer I feel is YES! We are aware before our entrance into this crazy experience of humanness, at least to a degree, of what awaits each of us souls who offered to come here.

We chose to come to be a part of this grand experience through love to find out more about ourselves, to expand our consciousness to even further heights and to know once more what it is to feel in the physical, the beauty of life that resides within everything and therefore, in our projected reality. We forget who we are when we come into this experience and this is necessary. If we knew - hmmm.....if we knew. Would we learn in the same way? Would we gain the depth and richness we came to immerse ourselves in? We couldn't possibly. We needed this amnesia in order to find our way through the experiences back to our truth. Truth is stranger than fiction they say and boy they're werent' wrong.

There is so much to be experienced here on this Earth plane and it is within our closest of relationships that we will find the most difficult of lessons as well as the most rewarding. What could be more beautiful than staring into the eyes of an innocent child and seeing the wonder and excitement they possess when they see something for the very first time. They are pure unconditional love and they are our teachers at this time. We need to listen to their words, take notice of their actions and pay attention to how they interact with animals and nature and eachother. They tread gently on the Earth, with an innate ability to be in the moment with a sense of gratitude and play and they are accepting without judgement of others. Our most difficult lessons will in most cases come through those closest to us such as family, friends and romantic relationships. We may wonder for a time how we will ever survive the pain of grief through losing loved ones as they transition, but we do indeed recover. We keep moving forward in order to live a fulfilling life, and on some level we are aware that our time here is fleeting, so we may make lists of what we desire, what we wish to accomplish, goals, dreams, aspirations as a means of keeping us on target. We might not ever write them down but they will be imprinted just as strongly in our hearts and minds, waiting for 'one day' to come and give them the time, energy and courage to be birthed. Others may simply roll with the tide and allow the Universe to take them from one experience, phase, cycle to the next, trusting in the process of being right where they need to be in every moment.

Joy is one of the highest vibrational states we can experience. It raises our energetic frequency, which makes us a match for other experiences that are a vibrational match to joy. This is how energy works so when we have a basic understanding of the workings behind it, we can then work with it to bring about the change required to draw into our experience what we are wishing for. We are all magic and each have the ability to create anything our hearts desire. You may be the planner, the goal setter, the conscious creator OR the carefree soul who allows the Universe to carry you - riding the wave of life with complete trust that each experience is just what you need and that you are always in the right place, knowing that you ARE co-creating with the Universe. Even if you don't feel you are playing a part in what is entering your awareness, you most certainly are. That can be a difficult pill to swallow at times, but at some point we do need to take responsibility and say "Okay, I have at least on some level played a part in creating xyz situation, so that means I can also redirect the energy and refocus in on where I want to go". That is empowering and the more we do it, the more we begin to create the experiences we truly want. A shift will occur and patience will be an important factor in the process.

Every thought emits a frequency and every emotion matches to a particular vibration which, like a magnet brings forth people, places, events, relationships and so on and so on that are a match to the vibration which is 'you' ~ Change your thoughts and you will change your life! If life isn't going your way or you are experiencing recurring themes of similar relationships with different people, similar events occuring that you don't want to be having, or you're just not feeling aligned with where you want to be in your life then you may benefit from some Intuitive Coaching. Sometimes it just takes a bit of re-direction to get you on track and even the smallest of changes can create significant benefits. Setting boundaries with not only others but ourselves is a great starting point. Paying attention to our thoughts, our beliefs, the story we tell ourselves every day IS creating our experience. Change is inevitable and having the tools to begin to work with is empowering and as a sovereign being you have every right to live an amazing life that brings you joy, happiness and money - yes money! Money is not bad - only our perception of it.

Intuitive Coaching provides a space of guidance, and processes to direct you toward your goals and highest potential. Contact Narelle Monteleone at Earthly Energies to


Narelle Monteleone is a Spiritual Teacher, Energy Worker & Channel providing a variety of Sessions, Workshops, Courses & Ebooks to assist you on your journey of awakening and beyond.

Narelle x

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