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You are the solution!

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone ~

You Are the Solution Blog by Earth Star Transmissions

Isn't it interesting that we tend to take the opinions of others onboard so easily yet we are so lacking in belief of our own personal power and abilities. If we only knew how miraculous we are as humans we would never doubt ourselves again.

We do know though from the time we are born that we are powerful and whole just the way we are, however conditioning and programming generally takes away that inner spark to a degree and dumbs us down into complying with what we are told to believe is true once we start school and become distracted through rules, media and technology.

I'm just going to say it right now. You are fucking amazing just as you are. Never doubt that. Whatever you have been through that has made you doubt your brilliance, or whoever has told you that you aren't worthy of soaring to your highest heights was reacting to their own fear and it had nothing to do with you. The truth is, those people, those experiences, the trauma, the hardship, it wasn't for nothing, and I am not for a single second discounting the experience. Lets be clear, you don't want to remain attached to those experiences and they are over, but what is important to acknowledge is that without them you would not be standing here as the person you are today. Whether you think that person that stares back at you in the mirror is who you wish to be doesn't matter right now, because you are constantly changing. We are not the same person we were a week ago. All that matters is that you gained something; in fact you gained a lot from your experiences, your heartbreak, your grief, your abuse, whatever you endured. You gained wisdom and a depth of knowledge and compassion that no one can teach you, or take from you. You are a survivor and you are a teacher who is equipped with life experiences now that have enabled you to evolve and to share what you know with others. That is such a gift! You are an example to all who are afraid to keep going and to stand up and fight. We are each sovereign beings who are deserving, who are worthy and who can create anything that is desired through the belief it is possible, through truly valuing oneself and through sharing what you have learned along the way in order to empower those just like you. There are many who have not yet found the strength to step out of their trauma, to step onto a path of healing, growth and to find the courage to bloom.

Who are these people? They are all of us, because we have all suffered in some way and in many cases it has been through feeling unworthy of something better for ourselves. It has been through comparisons with others and attracting into our lives that which is in resonance with where we currently are from a vibratory perspective. The Universe meets us where we are at in any given moment, so if we are able to consistently keep our energetic vibration above a certain level we are able to attract the experiences, people and events that resonate at a higher level. Our thoughts and emotions form the foundation of what we are transmitting out into the Universe and will therefore attract that back to us. It is part of our innate abilities as human beings to be master co-creators so it comes naturally. All we must do is learn how to manipulate energy in order to draw into our reality that which is in resonance to what we would like to manifest. That is why I recommend regular meditation, energy healing, grounding and so on as these are key players in coming into alignment to create a desired outcome. This is what manifesting is all based upon.

Will all of our experiences be rainbows and butterflies?

Definitely not! We are here to experience all facets of life on Earth and as such we go through cycles and experiences that are both positive and negative. The more we can work on our selves to heal, to forgive, to step out of the role of victim and have gratitude for where you are right now, the more the happiness and well-being will come.

I feel that the more we work on loving ourselves and letting go of the old beliefs, the stories, the self sabotaging behaviours and the lack of worthiness, the more life opens us for us and new and exciting chapters are able to be written. Think of each day from this very moment forward as a blank page in a brand new book that is your book and you get to write it your way, filling it with your hopes and dreams and taking each moment a step at a time toward a new more positive story for yourself. The reality is we all have limitless possibilities, and we also have free will, so it always comes down to choice, to our energy, to our self belief and self love that determines the direction our life goes. It can be an uphill battle or it can be an amazing journey that for the most part flows in the direction of our intentions, thoughts and desires, but only if we trust. Yes, we must trust that we hold the key to all of it. And we really do!

So, no longer should we hand over our power to anyone or anything for we are the masters of our destiny and we have everything needed to create it all, right in the here and now, through belief, through healing, through shedding the old outdated belief systems and rebirthing a new world into creation. This happens on an individual level and simultaneously on a collective level. We are one!

It's time, so grab that blank journal and begin today, right now writing a new story for yourself, leaving the past behind and only taking with you snippets of what you need to enhance the next chapter of your life - the wisdom, the knowledge, the teachings, the love. May we each pave the way for the next generations basked in sovereignty, love and unity. The children are relying on us. May we create a safe and loving world for them to thrive in.

With love,

Narelle x'

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