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You are 'IT'

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone ~

You are IT! A Blog by Earth Star Transmissions

You have probably been told at various times throughout your life, when struggling with a situation that when you look at how immense the Universe is, our problems really aren't that big at all. I know I have used this same line to friends and loved ones more than once. We all mean well and are only attempting to make the other person feel better, to help them to see that their current challenge really isn't so big in relation to the size of the Universe. We are saying, that in the larger scheme of things, will this really matter further down the track when we are but a speck in comparison to the enormity of the Universe.

What some of us have forgotten is that we ARE the Universe. The vastness, the infinite limitless possibility IS us. It is within each and every one of us. So, the problem is as big or as little as we think it to be. We are the ones who create what we experience in our reality, so the advice we have been given all these years about how vast the Universe is and that our problem is tiny in comparison, is not entirely true. The challenge is as big or as small as we think it to be. What it means is that WE are the vastness and when we awaken to that truth then we are more aware of what each experience represents. We can begin to look at the experiences going on in our world as just that - experiences or lessons. Nothing we go through is by chance as we are creating in every moment and it is up to us whether what we create is positive or negative. This begins with thoughts and feelings and the emotions that are attached to them. The emotions are the creation of reality. This doesn't mean that we will never experience hard times if we maintain a positive attitude because that is how we grow. Those experiences do have a place in our lives at certain times, but the more we maintain a certain level of positivity, love and happiness and high vibration, the more we will create experiences based on those thoughts, feelings and emotions.

We are not powerless, we are powerful and we cannot completely avoid experiencing the lessons we came to learn. That is part of our reason for being here. We can however decide how we react to them. We can decide to let them completely destroy us or we can look deeper and find what it is teaching us. When we can view each challenge in this way we are given the opportunity to move through them with more ease, gaining wisdom in the process. It is through this wisdom that we are able to help others through their own challenges. Not everyone is ready to accept this knowledge as truth and that is okay. This is not something we are taught in school, but rather it awakens within us at a pivotal moment in time.

We are all going through challenges right now. These are challenges on a collective level as none of us can avoid what is happening on Earth right now. Each persons challenge will be unique to them but nonetheless we are each affected at varying degrees. Knowing that within you is a limitless source of knowledge is self empowering. How can that help me I hear you say? Well....what that means is you have the answers to anything you could ever want to know just waiting for you to access it. How? You access this information through trusting you have it, through listening to your intuition, through meditating, through mindfulness, through listening, through stillness, through connecting with nature, through loving yourself, through doing whatever possible to raise your energetic vibration, through dancing, through singing, through sound, through mantras, through affirmations, through exercise, through yoga, through creativity, through play. Whatever you can do to create a feeling of peace, calm, stillness and joy will enable you to enter inward, through your heart space and to receive what it is you need to hear, feel, see or just know. It might take a bit of practice but the more you can create this feeling of calm, even when you're not, the easier it will be to find the answers you seek. Meditation is my number one go to in coming into the state of peace, calm and relaxation required to tap into our intuitive guidance.

We are only limited by our thoughts and beliefs which can be changed and rewritten at any time. We can over ride any negative thought patterns by replacing a new belief, a new story where the old one once resided. We need to ask ourselves ~ Is this statement true? By looking more closely at each though we think, then we can eradicate the ones that are not serving us and replace them with a new belief that supports us, that enriches our journey and empowers us. Using affirmations can assist in reprogramming our beliefs by replacing the old programs with new ones. We have been programmed to believe many untruths in our society especially through childhood, but as adults we need to take another look at what we have been told and reassess our beliefs based on what we have been told and what is actually true. Question anything that doesn't feel right to you because you intuition doesn't lie. It is your inbuilt alarm to keep you safe and on track so the more you listen to it the more you will gain from it, the easier your life will be to navigate when asking the question should I do this or that? Is this true or not?

Love to all

Narelle x

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