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You are in the right place

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Do you ever feel you are not where you saw yourself being at this time in your life? You are in fact right where you are meant to be right now.

You are in the Right Place. Do you ever feel you are not where you saw yourself being at this time in your life? You are in fact right where you are meant to be right now. Blog by Earth Star Transmissions

We all have those moments of wondering how we got here - Why is this happening to me or why haven't I acheived more?

Where did the time go and how will I ever have the life I imagined for myself as you may have gazed up at the sky as a child imagining what your life might look like in the future. These visualisations we have as children are useful in creating what we wish for. Maybe you had it all worked out - how many children you were going to have, the career, the partner, the house, or maybe you were more of a free spirit who was open to see what happened from one minute to the next - no plans in place, just a 'ride the wave' kinda person excited to see what life had on offer. It's common for us to have at least a loose plan of where we see ourselves but before you know it, life gets in the way as they say and we might put our hopes and dreams on the backburner 'for now'. This can turn into decades for some people but know that it is never too late. No matter your age, your situation, whatever the reason you tell yourself. It is never too late to follow a dream.

Time as we know it does not exist outside of this 3D realm but for right now on Earth it's somewhat of a big deal. We base everything we do around time. It keeps us on track and sometimes it can be detrimental to our freedom to just 'be' in the moment and to do what we want to do when we feel like it's the right time. There is a definite feeling of time flying by so fast at the moment.

It's a good sign if time seems to be evading you because it's a sign that you are on the right track. You are never really off the right track by the way because everything we experience serves a purpose for our soul's growth but there are those days that seem to feel as though we just got up to start our day and it's over before we know it. It means you're in flow with the Universe and you might be heading in more of a straight line to come into alignment rather than zigzagging all over the place to reach the same point.

This time here on Earth is one of significance. It is a time like no other as we are experiencing a global shift of consciousness. What that means is many many many people are waking up right now and you are probably one of them or you wouldn't be reading this. If so, congratulations, for it is an amazing journey to undertake. What does that mean? Waking up is a term to describe a Spiritual Awakening which can be likened to waking up from a deep sleep where life as we know it will never be the same again. We 'see' everything in a whole new light and we begin a journey inward to find the truth of who we are at our essence. We are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience - not the other way around and through this journey we are able to gain clarity into what we are here to do. We will naturally become drawn to searching for answers and to spiritual modalities that assist us to heal ourselves through whatever way feels aligned for each one of us. You will no doubt be drawn to more than one and through learning and experiencing various teachings, you will begin the spiralling inward to find what you love and to discover your truth. This may become your life's work as you step fully into your mission, your contribution to Earth, or you may incorporate it into your life alongside what you are already doing. For indeed, many people are already bringing their gifts through in the work that they do. For others, the search begins.

Why is this happening?

Before you incarnated on Earth you created an entire blueprint of what you would do here. You could think of it as actors in a movie or a play and you chose with others who would be your cast - the leading actors, the others who would play a minor role and what would happen throughout this movie or in your case - your life. You decided who you would have relationships with, you decided what lessons or what I like to call 'experiences' you wanted to have in order to learn and grow on a soul level. You met with a team to oversee all of this and your spirit team contracted to be right there with you. It's important to know this because there are times throughout our lives when we might be struggling, and we might ask the question 'why am I here', 'why is everything so hard'? Why am I going through this? Most of us go through these difficult times and it's hard, however when we look at life from this perspective, a higher perspective, that we chose it then we can, at the very least gain clarity around the lesson/experience and how we will react to it. Will we curl up in a ball, shut life out and be bitter and resentful? Or will we allow ourselves the opportunity to process what has happened, grieve the loss, take back our power and allow ourselves to be guided by love rather than hate and learn from it? We always have a choice in each moment how we will react and how we react will then affect our energy. Our energy determines what we will bring into our life.

You would not be on Earth right now if you did not have a pivotal role to play in Mother Gaias healing. Humans have treated her so disrespectfully for so long and as a result there had to be huge change. We are the Earth so anything that disrupts the Earth's balance, disrupts ours. So you definitely ARE right where you are supposed to be NOW.

Live each moment in the moment and try not to look too far ahead, though envisioning the life you wish for, the life you wish for all of humanity and Mother Earth is so important right now. We need to be in a space of gratitude for all that we are and for all that we receive from the Earth. We cannot exist without her. Start NOW and live from the heart, with pure intention for what your ideal life looks like. What does it feel like to have that life? What does Mother Earth look like when she's in perfect health, thriving and abundant? What do you look like when you are thriving and abundant? What does all of humanity look like when we are thriving and abundant? These are the visions and emotions we need to keep bringing into our awareness.

Meditation is a great time to do so as it's a time of stillness, of calm and relaxation. It is a time to visualise and feel what a new version of Earth might look like. See yourself there and feel yourself in that new energy. What do you see, feel, hear or just know? Finally, you have achieved far more than you know and just your energy might be all that you needed to share in this lifetime. Your beautiful loving energy might be more powerful than you know, uplifting others when they are in your presence, activating what lies dormant within them and this is a common Starseed trait, or making them feel that they want to be a better version of themselves just because your energy has shifted something within them. So know that you are enough. You are more than enough and you are so appreciated. We are all in this together and there never was a better time to work on YOU. The time of putting yourself behind everyone else is over. You matter and you are here to help change the world. Lets get started!

If you would like some assistance with shifting what may be holding you back then take a look at my Sessions Page for Sessions, Classes & Workshops. I look forward to working with you.

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