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Why Meditate? Meditation Benefits

Updated: Mar 25

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Why Meditate? Meditation Benefits with Earth Star Transmissions

Why Meditate? Meditation will change your life! Boom! The end........

No really, I know that may sound like a very bold statement but it is in my humble opinion 100 percent true. How is it that I feel so confident in making such a bold statement? Well, it happened to me, so I am coming at this with first hand experience.

I have written about Meditation benefits more than once or twice I know, however when I have those moments of wondering how I can best support my clients, along with anyone else I cross paths with who feel out of balance, anxious, depressed and tired, meditation is my very first recommendation. Yes, Energy Healing and Holistic Counselling and other forms of natural healing will help, along with changing our diet etc, exercising and getting sleep and enough sunlight, however for me, meditation is the starting point and everything else will evolve from there. You see, when we begin meditating, even if we are feeling we are in the worst possible place in our lives, the most traumatic, low point; or as many people refer to it, the Dark Night of the Soul, meditation will shift something. Even if it is ever so slightly, it will create some positive movement within us.

I have written a couple of courses - Awakening your Intuitive Abilities Course and Living your Purpose Course, that I am very excited about sharing with the world and both relay the importance of meditation as a daily practice. Now, if you do not like meditation then it is absolutely okay as there are alternatives, however I do urge you to stick with it for more than a brief moment, because it can be a bit of a challenge at first. Consider how many thoughts we have racing through our minds every single day and how we might be constantly 'on', overly stimulated, on auto pilot, being bombarded by technology and energy from everything we come into contact with, so to suddenly say 'okay I am going to sit and meditate now and become calm instantly and block out my thoughts and feel relaxed after a lifetime of what I have just mentioned, of course it is not going to be easy right away.

It does get easier though, I promise you. I remember feeling I would not be able to sit still for more than a few moments. As a mum of 5 children who had always been stressed, rushed off my feet and trying to juggle work, kids, cooking, cleaning, more stress and then some more stress, I would have laughed if someone had suggested I find a nice quiet place to relax and simply breathe. It would have felt impossible to me and yes, children need us and are demanding of our time and energy and that's life. We wouldn't change it for the world though and they are kids for such a small amount of time that those memories really should be made and cherished so I am here to let you know it all gets easier, and you will free up a bit more time for you. The thing is though, even amidst all of that, we should be able to carve out a few minutes a day to meditate and to detach from it all. Believe me, I hear it all the time from clients about how they couldn't possibly take a few minutes for themselves and I ask them if they go to the bathroom? Obviously the answer is yes. So, I say 'if the only time you have for yourself is when you go to the bathroom, use that time to sit and breathe' and I follow up with, 'we need to start doing some self love work', because if the only time someone has to themselves is a couple of minutes to pee then something is very much out of balance.

Parenting and working and co-habitating, should never mean that you lose yourself in it completely. You are still you and you deserve some 'YOU TIME'. It is not a privilege, it is a necessity and self love work might be what you need to work on in order to be reminded that you deserve that time, and that you are worthy of receiving. It is very easy to get caught up in being a parent or partner and forgetting that you also have an identity outside of that. You are your own person and not merely an extension of your loved ones or career. Yes, our kids are the most important and precious parts of us and we adore them more than anything in the world, but be mindful of not losing yourself in the mix. Taking care of you is vital in the wellbeing of the entire family. A happy environment means that everyone is happy and cared for. If you are running yourself into the ground you are not going to have the energy to be your best version of the person you want to be for the people in your life and resentment will start to creep in. The same is true with your work. So best to start working on a plan that creates an environment where everyone is thriving. Set a good example for your children as well as to what they should and should not accept as they journey through life. Set boundaries with yourself and with others. You will be happier than ever once you do.

There are some steps you can take that will support you on your journey of carving out more time for what matters most:

  • Start by writing a list of everything you need to do in your week. Break it down into days and then disregard anything that doesn't really need to be taking up your time and energy. Is there something you feel obligated to do each week that you don't want to do but feel guilty about ditching? Set boundaries. This is a game changer. You don't have to feel guilty about letting something go that is draining your energy. Making these small changes form part of the self love/worth work I mentioned earlier and shows others and the Universe that you know you matter and will not settle for less any longer.

  • Meal Prepping is a big time saver. Make some or all of your weekly meals ahead of time and that will free up more time for you to spend quality time with your family rather than being separate from them while you cook. Alternatively, get them involved. Cooking is a great skill for kids to learn as soon as they are able. It also shows them how much effort goes into what you prepare for them everyday and they will be more likely to try things that they might normally turn their noses up at.

  • Schedule in a day/half day weekly or fortnightly (whatever you can manage) that is 100% your time. You don't need to spend a lot of money going to have massages or a spa day, though go for it if you feel that's what you need, but maybe lay out in the sun with a good book, go and see a movie, or head out to a farmers market and buy yourself some healthy food and don't forget to grab a beautiful bunch of flowers that each time you look at, are reminded that you deserve them and everything else that you could possibly imagine. As you appreciate their beauty, appreciate your own beauty. Everything is a mirror reflecting back what we need to learn.

  • Delegate - don't be the slave of the house or the workplace. Make sure that you feel good about seeking out the help of others. Many hands make light work remember and it lightens up your work load, once again freeing up some more time to do the things you love and most importantly to begin a meditation practice or similar. Maybe you're thinking about signing up for a Yoga Class. Go for it!

  • Make your home feel like your safe space, a haven that feels comfortable, relaxed and somewhere you love to be. If the energy in your home feels stagnant, frazzled or a bit off, do a smudge and clear the space. Bring in some fresh energy using crystals, flowers, essential oils, plants and colours that feel peaceful. Neutrals are a nice way to create a calming energy and playing music that is high vibe can really lift the energy as well. Open the windows and let some fresh air circulate and using crystal singing bowls or other sound healing instruments can also clear and balance the energy in your home. Candles are another nice addition that feel pampering and indulgent.

Rest assured that meditation does not need to be a whole big song and dance routine. It is easy, free and can be done anywhere. If you are unsure of how to get started it is as simple as sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and breathing. As thoughts pop into your head, disregard them and allow them to come and go without getting drawn into any of the mind chatter. Remain detached and know that the more you continue to just breathe and keep bringing your focus back to the present moment, the easier it will become the next time and the next and the next. It is a habit you are forming and you will find that you enjoy the results so much you will make sure that you create time to incorporate it into your life regularly.

Meditation in nature is an amazing way to reconnect with ourselves and to all that is.

Some alternatives to Meditation if you have tried it multiple times and just don't like it. (Please try more than once)

  1. Spending time out in nature

  2. Walking meditation which involves walking while remaining present

  3. Creativity - doing something that brings you into focus on only what you are doing eg painting, drawing, knitting etc

  4. Yoga or Tai Chi

  5. Chanting Mantras - eg Om Mani Padme Hum

  6. Focusing on a crystal or flower

  7. Patting a pet

Find something that will bring you into the present moment and detached from all distractions. Persist with meditation and try Guided Meditation initially as it is easier to focus on someones voice as they lead you through the process. Remember that there are many different kinds of meditation so if you don't like one type, try something else. There are closed eye meditations as well as open eyes. Some people don't feel safe with their eyes closed so if that is you, do an open eye one. Light a candle and gaze into the flame while breathing.

If you are wondering why I am being super pushy about meditation it is because for me it has been the single most effective way to calm myself, to be present, to connect to the Earth keeping me grounded, to raise my vibration, to connect with my higher self and multiple aspects of self, to feel happier, to relieve anxiety, panic attacks and to gain clarity on my next steps and more.

If you would like a 1:1 Personalised Guided Meditation Session with me you can Book Here or Checkout my Free Guided Meditation Here

Follow my Insight Timer Page Here for more Guided Meditation

Remember that the more we practice, the easier it becomes and I urge you to view each meditation with a fresh perspective, without the need to compare it to the time before, and indeed to allow this mindset to spill over into all areas of life. Each day is a new beginning with no mistakes in it. Practice meditation as often as you are able to that feels do-able for you. You don't need to spend hours a day meditating, but try setting aside 20 mins a day if you can to detach from this 3d experience and breathe in high vibrational prana energy. I wish you all success and encouragement as you begin your journey back to peace and presence.

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