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What is Love?

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

What is Love? A blog by Earth Star Transmissions. Read more here
Meditation for me is such a pleasure, and although at times it can be difficult to fall straight into the zone I would like to be in, I always get so much from it, even if nothing more than just being made aware of how far my mind has drifted from the present moment. Our minds will take over if we allow them to, so Meditation is key, for me at least in discarding what I don't need, that may be racing through my mind and keeping me from focusing on what does need my attention.

This morning I drew some cards from the beautiful "Starseed Oracle" by Rebecca Campbell ( & Danielle Noel and I decided to do something a bit different. I felt compelled to share it so I hope you can take something from it. I noticed that the artwork ( on one of the cards I drew had what appeared to be a doorway or portal on it, so I decided to incorporate this into my meditation. The card is pictured above if you would like to do the same. I closed my eyes and after looking at the detail on the card, visualised myself walking through a forest that led to something similar to the image pictured above. What I saw were stairs ascending to the point where you reach the portal or doorway so I walked up each pastel coloured step until I reached the top and entered. As I stepped through the door way, light beings were waiting to welcome me and they ran a bright blue light through my body from above my head to below my feet. This, they tell me is to cleanse, clear and heal. They say 'the children are waiting for you' and I notice a group of excited girls waiting in the distance. I walk over to them, sit down and ask what they wish to learn. They reply saying 'You are here to teach us what love is.'

I say 'Well, love is something you give and receive, but to fully understand how to give it and receive it from others, you must fully love yourself first." 'How do we do that?' they ask. "By accepting every part of you as perfect and whole in every way - by never having negative thoughts or feelings about yourself and knowing that you are exactly as you should be at any given time - by nourishing yourself and caring for yourself - by loving your body and your soul and then and only then will you be fully equipped to share that love with others." They give thanks for the information and I tell them I need to go for now but I can return.

I make my way back to the doorway where once again the light beings run the blue light through me and tell me I will return here. I walk down the pastel coloured steps and back through the forest to where I began. As I was hearing these words in the meditation I was reminded of how important it is to see ourselves as perfect and how easily we deny ourselves the love that at our essence is what we already are. We need to instill this knowledge into our children from the moment they are born and to keep reminding them of how loved and perfect they are, by showing them that we love and accept ourselves wholeheartedly. This can be a harsh world at times but love ensures we can overcome any obstacles along the way.

Narelle x

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