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What is a Starseed?

By Narelle Monteleone of Earth Star Transmissions

I asked myself this question a few years ago when I felt compelled to enrol in a course in Channelling. We are always divinely guided and I know it was to open the doorway for me to discover something new about myself; we are afterall, multi-faceted beings. I had been teaching classes in Spiritual Development and attuning Students to Reiki for a few years at this stage, providing Healing Sessions & Holistic Counselling along with my other offerings, but something was really pulling me toward learning to Channel.

I had been Channelled Writing ever since I attended my first Spiritual Development Classes and have always found that it comes naturally to me to connect in this way, to receive guidance for both myself and others. I use this tool during my Healing Sessions to provide clients with intuitive guidance that comes through during the session that we discuss at the conclusion of the healing, so that they are able to simply relax and receive throughout the session without interruption. I use it almost daily for my own guidance and can't recommend it enough as a tool for gaining insight on ones path.

It was during this time that I found I was connecting with Star Beings during my meditation practice. I have always felt a knowing that there is life on other planets. Why wouldn't there be? So, I was open to this experience; somewhat cautious, but open. My belief is there are positive and negative ET's and there are positive and negative Humans. I also believe that our energetic frequency determines our experiences, so by raising our vibration, which I am always talking about to anyone who cares to listen haha, we lessen the chance of negative interactions with energies and attract more of the positive. That is not to say that there will never ever be anything negative that occurs in our lives if we raise our vibration, as we are still learning and evolving and lessons are how we move forward and heal. For the most part however, if you are working from a high vibrational frequency, you will be connecting to high vibrational energies. We attract what we are. Our energy fluctuates based on our thoughts, beliefs, wellness levels and how much of our shadow we have been willing to acknowledge. Healing is part and parcel of our journey if we wish to live our highest potential.

I began seeing clairvoyantly a group of beings come forward everytime I would meditate and when I would close my eyes at night I would see ET faces come in very close. They were looking at me. I had heard the term Starseed thrown around quite a bit and although I am not one to put a label on what I do, as we are always changing and being led in new directions, for the sake of clarity I began to align with this term. I came to understand through Channelling these beings that they were the Arcturian Council of 9. They were loving and of a very high frequency and over time have become a part of my healing sessions, supporting me along with other star beings to bring through codes and energies to help my clients. I also began speaking Light Language during this time as I felt very drawn to it. I began to practice and over time my Light Language now flows easily and I use it for healing for myself and my clients and for Activation.

So, that is the back story on how I became aware of the term 'Starseed'.

If you are asking the questions 'What is a Starseed?' there is probably a strong chance you are being called to delve more deeply into your own Starseed Mission. Maybe Light Language has been on your radar, or learning to Channel might be what you are most drawn to. My definition of a Starseed is anyone who is here on Earth at this time who has incarnated on other planets also and is encoded to support humanity to awaken, to assist in healing the Earth and to be an activator, a wayshower, healer, teacher and so on, for those who are here for the same purpose. I feel that we all have the codes within for this purpose, though some, I feel, may have contracted to not awaken in this life and to remain asleep, to live a more 3D experience. For the Starseeds it is an experience of living in the 3D world, but no so much of it. It is about being a bridge between the two. It is about remaining anchored to the Earth plane while connecting to the stars, maintaining the connection to our origins.

Starseeds may not all necessarily be here to work in a spiritually aligned business, but might be someone who works at the local cafe, or is a gardener, teacher, or a parent raising babies that have incarnated here at this time that are of such a high vibration that they are going to help humanity and gaia to shift into a much higher state of be-ing more quickly than ever before. Some starseeds are simply living a normal 3D life, but their energy is creating positive change in the Earth where they live. This is my view on what a Starseed is and it is all connected to our DNA. We all have DNA from other star races and the planets we are derived from remain connected with us, so you may have a stronger connection with Sirius or the Pleaides and someone else might be more connected to Arcturus or Lyra. There are many different beings that are from the same star system with different light language dialects within them. We are multidimensional beings and with that knowledge comes great awareness of who we are, why we are here and the importance of stepping into our mission in order to be of service in the best possible way. We contracted to come here for this purpose, along with healing ourselves and simply having an experience on this planet. From my perspective, the Starseed Awakening which I like to refer to it as, will bring awareness of more than just our connection to the stars, but also unlock truth about ourselves as a human race. There is much to learn or I should say unlearn.

Many people wish to find out their purpose and feel frustrated that they don't know what they're supposed to be doing. I was one of those people, but I have come to understand that we are already living our purpose in each moment and that listening to our hearts desires is the way forward to discovering our joy. The things that light you up, that excite you are your purpose; what you loved to do as a child forms part of your purpose. Your purpose is to be in a state of love, connection and joy, to be kind and to be compassionate, to love yourself and others. You're already doing it, however if you feel that you are not aligned with what you dream of creating, then take the time to discover more about yourself and your mission through introspection, journalling, meditation, healing and spending time in nature. This is where the answers are accessed; in the quiet moments as you enter through the portal of your heart to connect with your soul, through the spaces between the breath as you still your mind through meditation and as you connect with your inner child through creativity and play.

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