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Welcome 2022

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone ~

Welcome 2022. Ushing in the New Year Blog by Earth Star Transmissions
I felt this was the perfect image to use to usher in the New Year here in Australia because it is one of the many beautiful paintings done by the Indigenous First Nations people. It is so important that we honour their journey and their teachings and their deep connection with the land. Their connection t0 Gaia is so strong and so special and we can learn so much from them. With that said I would like to speak more about our healing journey - our own individual healing journey that we all must take responsibility for now more than ever.

As a race of people we have given our power away and only now are we beginning to see the affects. Although many still do not see what is happening there are indeed many waking up to the atrocities that have plagued us for such a long time. What I am referring to is the control and manipulation that we have all fallen prey to by believing all that we are shown via the media outlets, through strategic marketing to ensure we each follow a particular set of belief systems that create a world that is very easily manipulated. Why? What else Money and Power!

It's important that we don't give ourselves too hard a time over this because we have all been led to believe the same things. If you grew up watching television every single day, probably multiple times a day or listening to the radio then you will no doubt have absorbed the messages being sent out via this technology repeatedly into your subconscious to some degree. Fast forward to the age of computers, ipads, iphones etc and more and more of this fake news as it is commonly referred to is a constant in our lives and there really is no avoiding it. Add to that, billboards, logos and so on and you can start to build a picture of just how much of this propaganda we are exposed to, and that is the intention.

There are ways to offset how much you are being affected by this however once you become aware of it. You CAN turn off your tv or make wise chooses as to what you are willing to view. There are some great movies and shows to watch that are not about setting an agenda so use your intuition and take note of the theme of what you are watching. What is the message they are trying to portray? Look for symbolism, occult references and so on as these are often embedded into movies, events, anywhere that draws a large crowd. Sounds crazy? It is but it's also very real and right in front of your eyes once they are wide open. Why is such symbology used you ask ~ Because everything is Energy and the more energetic beings (us humans) you can get on board with a certain frequency, a certain way of thinking, feeling eg fear based, then the more power you can gain over them.

What can we do as an individual to change this energy and shift the darker energy into light?

Well as we ARE already light we just need to believe in who we are, love ourselves in our entirety and know that we are whole and complete just as we are. We need to do the things that bring us joy and to lift others around us who may not yet realise that they are able to create the positive change that they are wishing for. When we make the choice to work on ourselves, to heal the aspects of what has held us back then we set the intention that we are ready to step forward into a higher aspect of ourselves which in turn shifts our energy into one of a higher vibration. When we raise our energetic vibration we feel better, we experience more positivity and joy and therefore all who come into our awareness will too be lifted.

If we each do our part by taking personal responsibility for our wellbeing, our energy and so on, the frequency of Mother Earth will rapidly change to one of a higher vibe. This is beneficial for not only the planet but all her inhabitants - aka you, me and every living being residing here. It isn't difficult either. Once you decide you are going to do your part you are sending that signal out into the Universe so you will be given assistance whether you realise it or not.

These are my 3 Tips to get you started

  • Meditate EVERY DAY - Even just 5-10mins. You can simply sit and breathe or lay down and do the same breathing deeply through your nose into your stomach then exhaling with intention through your mouth OR you might like to listen to some relaxation music OR a Guided Meditation - Here's a link to some I have made available:

  • Connect with Nature EVERY DAY - This can be going to the beach, going for a bushwalk/hike, sitting in your backyard on the grass, gardening, bringing flowers and plants in to your home, working with crystals or having some in your space etc.

  • Do Yoga or some kind of exercise that allows the energy to flow throughout your body. This is a good release for any stagnant energy you may have and it allows you to practice mindfulness, similar to Meditation. It also loosens your muscles and enables you to sit comfortably to meditate which was it's original purpose.

There are many more including Affirmations, Creativity, Practicing Gratitude, Forgiveness and so on but so as not to overwhelm you begin with these 3 steps and you can build on them. Know that nothing you ever do to create positive change is a waste and let go of the thought pattern that you are only one person and cannot make a difference. This is just another program to keep you small. Speak your truth, stand up and lets move into a world of kindness, compassion for not only ourselves, but eachother and most certainly the Earth.

Finally, I would like you to know you are capable of anything that you can imagine. If you can think it, you can manifest it so use those skills to create the life of your dreams. We manifest in every moment so stay positive, remove yourself from any situation that brings you down, listen to your intuition, not the News, de clutter your life and keep moving onward and upward.

Much love to all

Narelle x

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