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Un-believe it

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions


We've all heard these phrases over and over again. If you have been fed these negative narratives throughout your life, then it's time to stop, re-evaluate what it is that has been embedded into you and consider looking at life from a new perspective.

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What you are told or what you overhear during your childhood, forms part of your belief system and can have a huge effect on relationships - with other people, with money and most importantly with ourselves. The vast majority of us have been programmed to believe that money is evil and anyone who has alot of it is bad or that bad things will happen to them because they have it. There is this reasoning that there has to be some kind of payoff for having it so they will need to forgo happiness in another area of their life to make up for it. We have been fed the lie that in order to be a good person and be entitled to a happy outcome in this life there must be struggle, that we must work ourselves to death, day in and day out, barely making ends meet in order to be worthy of having anything - BUT not too much and not too little.

Believing the lie that money is the root of all evil, tells your subconscious that you don't really want it because if you do, then negative experiences will be an inevitable occurrence as a result. You will never be allowed to have a good relationship with your significant other if you want to live comfortably because there has to be that payoff - you just cannot have it all. - WRONG!! You most certainly CAN have anything and everything you want. You can manifest anything if you believe you can, and can hold the feeling in your body that you already do. There has to be zero guilt associated with having it all aswell or you will be telling the Universe that you don't deserve it. You DO deserve all that your heart desires. Now..lets get to that leopard shall we?.....Again, there are soooo many of these phrases that stick with us that so easily rolled off the tongues of teachers and parents that impact us without us realising.

A leopard never changes it's spots ensures we judge others and do not allow any opportunity for forgiveness for their actions. I am not for a second saying that we allow detrimental behaviour but we are so quick to judge in this society with our 'throw them to the wolves' attitude. Everyone, I believe should have the opportunity to make amends for their wrong doings as we are all here to learn and grow. We need to re-write the stories fed to us in childhood to ensure we do not continue this cycle of negativity. We need our children to be open hearted and to show compassion for each other rather than being quick to write someone off.

Our thoughts hold power as everything is energy, so enough people directing negativity towards someone can continue the cycle of negativity for that person. If we are directing love and compassion toward ourselves and each other, we can change the world we live in to one in which we all have what we wish for and are happy for the successes and accomplishments of all. There is no judgement, competition or feeling of lack - Just Unity!! How can we change these patterns?...... Through self-love, self-care, meditation, healing our trauma, gratitude, going within, listening to our intuition, not blindly following the pack, speaking our truth, charity and anything else you can think of that raises the level of consciousness on the planet. If we each actively begin meditating and healing ourselves, the natural progression will be that the planet as a whole will begin to heal and ascend into a more positive world where we can achieve anything.

Narelle x

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