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Trusting our Intuition

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Trusting our Intuition by Earth Star Transmissions Blog. Why is it that we tend to find it so difficult to trust our own selves, our own judgement, our own intuition? Read more here
Why is it I wonder that we find it so hard to trust ourselves yet so willing to take the word of a complete stranger?

It has taken me a long time to come to a point in my life where I can honestly say I trust myself, my feelings, my intuition over anything else. All of my life I felt that I needed to ask others for advice on every decision I had to make. Reflecting on this now, I find it absurd and quite sad that I felt so powerless that I found that necessary. I'm not judging myself because clearly I didn't feel I held enough value to even make a decision, and therefore handed my power away time and time again. When we don't love ourselves we can't possibly trust ourselves, because in our minds, we are not worthy. If I had loved myself I wouldnt' have felt the need to follow instructions from those who were not living my life, and as well meaning as friends can be, they are advising us based on their experiences and belief systems. Never ever should we blindly follow what someone tells us to do, when in the depths of our being our soul is screaming a big fat NO! It might not be quite as loud as that, though there will on some level be a nudge, a sensation, a feeling telling us what we need to do, but if we are not listening then we might miss it. If you feel you are not hearing the guidance you seek, then it is time to get in touch with your intuition and to step away from all of the distractions that might be creating a barrier preventing you stepping into higher levels of yourself.

We are multi layered, amazing beings having a human experience to learn, grow and evolve. We are each here guiding one another home through this 3D reality to have an experience. What that experience is will depend largely on each of us. We decide! We can dwell on the past and feel trapped there or we can take steps to be the best version we can be, creating an amazing life. We just need to love ourselves enough to start the process. One step is all it takes, followed by another. Something small each day over time becomes a huge achievement. You can do it!

It isn't difficult to connect with our intuition, though it takes some committment. By simply making the decision to do so will help you along on the journey of awakening your intuitive abilities and it IS like a muscle - the more you practice, the more it will work for you.

What does intuition have to do with trust?

Intuition is that little voice inside our head, or a bodily sensation such as chills up the spine or goosebumps or unmistakable gut feeling. To strengthen our intuition we must be prepared to trust that what we feel is true. The more we trust our intuition, the more it will support us on our journey and the stronger it will be, making it easier to hear, feel or know what it is trying to tell us. Secondly, when we are trusting our intuition, we begin to learn trust of self, making us more discerning and trusting in our own ability to make decisions, knowing what we believe to be true and what is not. The world is filled with a lot of fakeness for lack of a better word. It could be fake news, fake people, fake events. Lets approach every situation with our eyes wide open for the reality is we have been lied to over and over again through the above sources. Personally I stopped watching the News a long time ago. Coincidently, around the time of the Covid situation. Say no more.

Trust is one of the big lessons in life to master. If you do not love yourself you cannot trust yourself. Everything we project is what we find showing up in our awareness. Trust in oneself is key to a balanced and harmonious life. You have all that you need within you to thrive and to have an abundance of everything you can imagine. You are powerful, so begin working on affirming that knowledge. Use affirmations, forgive the experiences that made you feel unworthy of trusting yourself, re-establish a relationship with YOU, ask yourself questions and journall what comes to you, before asking anyone else. You can of course get helpful advice from friends and family or seek out knowledge from those well practiced in certain areas you may need support in, though once you have done that, pause and reflect and ask your intuition how that feels. What does your body tell you? What are the signals you are receiving energetically or physically? The world needs leaders right now, not sheep so rise to the challenge. It's what you are here for after all. Be unique, be different, be the black sheep. It's what sets you apart and you have so much to offer.

You are the creator of your reality so take some time to be introspective, to trust in the knowledge that you are more than capable of having the life you wish for and of gaining access to your inner world, filled with all of the knowledge of the Universe. Lead by example and do not hand your power over to anyone.

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