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Tips for clearing Energy

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Tips for Clearing Energy Blog. Have you ever felt that the energy in your home is just not as high vibe as you might like it to be? Have you experienced times when you have been feeling annoyed or irritable for no particular reason and couldn't figure out why? Read more of Earth Star Transmissions Blog Here

Have you ever felt that the energy in your home was just not as high vibe as you might like it to be? Have you experienced times when you have been feeling annoyed or irritable for no particular reason and couldn't figure out why you were feeling that way? Nothing had happened to create this feeling so why were you suddenly affected in this way?

Like I have mentioned in previous blogs that I have written, everything is energy, even us and we absorb the energy of those around us. If someone we are interacting with is having a bad day and feeling angry or stressed, we could, as sensitive souls potentially take some of that on as our own feelings. Setting boundaries is a good starting point. If you know a certain someone is always negative, then maybe send them some love but distance yourself if possible. Ideally we want to be in the highest energetic vibration we can be. I'm not suggesting you ditch anyone and everyone who isn't on top of the world 24/7 but for your own peace and happines, your own well-being, you may need to take a small or big step back to ensure you are not being drawn into their drama. Fortunately there are some things you can do to clear your space and self if you have been around some low vibers.

Tip #1 - Ground and Protect your energy everyday

This is an important one! If you begin your day by grounding to the Earth, bringing light from the Universe through your body to cleanse and clear you of anything not of a high vibration or that is not yours to carry, then placing yourself in a bubble of this high frequency source light, you are starting your day off in the best possible way. Just as you would brush your teeth and take a shower, incorporating a daily grounding practice is key to keeping you present and in a high vibrational state of being. You might need to do this more than once a day, but see how you feel. There's also the collective energy that affects us so depending on what's going on in the world at any given moment, we might feel this too. Think of the fear that has been culminating over the past few years worldwide.

Tip #2 - Use crystals on your body & in your space

Crystals are living energies that assist us in a multitude of ways. They work with our energy to assist us to heal Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally. They work to raise our frequency, they help to keep us grounded, they protect our energy, they facilitate growth and transformation and more. There truly is a crystal for anything that you can think of. They are absolutely amazing, powerful, beautiful and magical and are here to support us. When looking to purchase a crystal I always find that using your intuition is the best way to find the one that is right for you. If you go into a crystal shop let them guide you and pull you toward the one/s (lets face it you will buy more than one) that you need at that time. You don't need an array of crystals, although if you are anything like me and love love love crystals, you will no doubt end up with bowls and bowls of them, though one is all you need. If I were to recommend one crystal to wear or to meditate with it would be Clear Quartz. It is a good all round crystal to begin working with and is known as 'The Master Healer.' For your space I would recommend Rose Quartz and Selenite to create a loving high vibrational energy and Black Tourmaline for protection. Judy Hall has written many books on crystals and how to work with them if you would like to learn more. Make sure to cleanse, charge and program them before use.

"Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet." – Judy Hall

Tip #3 - Smudge

I use Sage daily in my space to clear and neutralise the energy. Its not only beneficial for clearing energy, but its also useful for eliminating bacteria so you can just blend it right in with your general cleaning routine. Sage usually comes in a smudge stick form which you have probably seen before, if you don't already own one. You can also buy the leaves that you place in a bowl and burn and there are sage incense sticks, however not all of these are natural so be sure to check the ingredients before burning these in your home. Everything we come into contact with has an affect on the body so the last thing we need are toxic chemicals burning throughout our home. To smudge your space all you need is a smudge stick or leaves, a bowl to catch any that might fall and a lighter or matches. Set an intention that this process will remove any low vibrational energies as you make your way through your space. I place the smudge stick lit, in the bowl and rotate the bowl gently in a clockwise motion as I move through each room, with windows open to allow the energy to release. This is all you need to do, going room to room, making sure you open wardrobes, cupboards etc until you have been through the whole space. You can of course make it a whole ritual and incorporate other practices into it, but I do what I know I can do regularly with the time I have. When I am finished I smudge my self swirling the smoke around my body, above my head, down around my feet and legs and then I extinguish the smudge stick. You can stub it out or run it under water to ensure the flame is completely out. Double check it's extinguished! Then I visualise light coming into the space through the ceiling to fill the entire space with light so that now it is filled with positive, loving, high vibe energy. I do the same for myself. There are of course other herbs that you can use and I regularly also use Palo Santo after I have smudged using Sage. I like the smell of Palo Santo and find it to be very calming. Sage clears and neutralises so it is important that you bring new energy into your space. Playing music is a great way to bring good energy into a room.

Tip #4 - Have plants and Flowers in your space

Bringing nature into your home or office space provides connection with the natural world even if you can't be outside. Ideally, spending time in nature as much as possible is going to benefit you more, but if it's raining or you haven't had the opportunity to do so, then having plants and flowers in your home creates that connection for you. Plants purify the air that we breathe and flowers are just such a beautiful addition that make us feel happy. Their beauty and their scent along with their high vibration adds something special to a space and lifts the mood instantly. Flowers have magical properties, as do plants and depending on the plant or flower, they will be providing a unique benefit, so do some research and find out what plants and/or flowers might be helpful for whatever you need right now. Flower Essences are a perfect example of how magical they are as the essence of the flower helps to heal imbalances on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Nature provides everything we need and staying well in mind, body & spirit really is all about maintaining our connection to nature, to real food from nature and discarding what has been processed and tampered with. Food in it's natural form is our medicine. Essential Oils are another way to bring healing and upliftment to a space. Use a diffuser or light candles infused with essential oils to relax and rebalance the energy.

Tip #5 - Use Reiki

This is something you might not have thought of as a tool for clearing your space however Reiki is all about working with energy as it is an Energy Healing modality. Reiki incorporates symbols that are used for specific purposes eg to enhance energy, to rebalance energy. to release, to uplift and so it makes sense that we could and should use Reiki in our space, home, office, car, anywhere we spend time as a way of keeping the energy clear, protected and high vibrational. Ever since becoming attuned to Reiki Level 1 several years ago now, I have not only used Reiki on myself for my own healing but I have used it throughout my home and even around my car. Placing Reiki symbols in your space protects and raises the vibration. I place symbols around my car everytime I get into it and I also use Reiki on my plants in my home to support their growth. I use Reiki to infuse my Essential Oil Candles, to clear and charge my crystals and I use Reiki energy to heal events from the past. You can even send Reiki to the future. There are no limits when it comes to working with energy.

Why is all this energy stuff so important?

It wasn't until I started working with energy through learning Usui Reiki followed shortly thereafter by Seichim (Sekhem) that I really understood how energy affects us. We are each unique so we all living a different experience. Some people will not experience energy drain for example, and others will feel they don't want to leave the house. For anyone sensitive energy can be overwhelming at times so learning to set boundaries - physically and energetically is key to our wellbeing. Rather than feeling it to be a burden that you become drained around certain spaces or people, try to change your perspective and look at it as a gift. You are sensitive and feel a lot. This makes you someone who can read a room, you have a built in lie detector radar, and you can tap into an infinite field of energy that guides and supports you on your journey. Be grateful for this and know that by doing a few basic daily practices to keep your energy balanced and clear you will be raising your vibe and aligning with what it is you wish to create. We are all creating our reality in every moment and our energy is a major factor in what it is we bring forth into our world. Energetic Hygiene in my opinion makes up a big part of healing and self care. If our energy is out of whack then you can bet some part of our life is too. Keeping our space and our own energy clear and uplifted creates a template for positive experiences to come into our awareness.

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Narelle x

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