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Time to Shine

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

There are times when we are unwillingly forced to stop and take better care of ourselves. This is one of those times.

With illness on the rise it is easy to get swept up in the panic but what if we all used this opportunity for self care? Whether you are still going about your daily activities as per normal or completely self isolating, there is an opportunity here to slow down, to take care of one another and to be grateful for all that we have. It is times such as these that we show who we truly are, what we are really made of. Who are you? Are you showing kindness to others who need your support, or are you in panic mode stock piling supplies? We each need to show ourselves and others the love that we are made of. This is our time to shine. If each of us right now were to begin a routine of just 5 mins each day to sit, breathe and feel gratitude for all that we have and for the earth we are living on, imagine the impact that could have. Imagine the positive shift within each of us, which in turn creates a collective shift. When we all band together we can do amazing things. Do not get drawn into the fear - be sensible, do what feels right for you and your family and practice daily self care.

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Here are some Self-Care tips to incorporate into your day

  • Meditate for 5 Mins each day (longer if you can)

  • When you are in the shower visualise White light pouring down from above all over you

  • Begin a Gratitude Journal and write what you are thankful for each night before bed

  • Clean & De-clutter

  • Eat healthy nourishing foods

  • Exercise

  • Watch funny movies (this raises your vibe)

  • Connect with other people (If you are self isolating, you can stay in touch via phone etc)

  • Listen to music

  • Use essential oils

  • Drink herbal tea

Doing what brings you joy raises your vibration, which in turn filters out to those around you. It is not selfish to look after yourself, it is necessary.

5 Minute Meditation

  • Sit or lay in a comfortable position

  • Close your eyes and holding your hands over your heart begin to breathe in through your nose, breathing deeply and exhaling through your mouth. Do this 3 times.

  • Focus on your heart and continue to breathe in a way that feels comfortable for you. When a thought comes, simply tell it that you are breathing now. Continue to do this each time a thought comes into your mind.

  • Without having any expectation of how you think you SHOULD feel, notice how you DO feel. Continue to sit and just breathe for the next few minutes. You can of course lengthen the time when you feel you want to. The more you do this, the better you will feel. This is a place of stillness and calm that you can return to at any time.

Narelle x

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