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The Unfoldment

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

We are all souls on Earth at this time in human form. Once we realise that, it makes navigating this life somewhat easier because we suddenly realise we are more than what we thought we were. We are light and we are here to learn our lessons, to evolve and to experience oneness.

The Unfoldment Blog by Earth Star Transmissions

Although we are light, we should not discount our shadow side as this is where the deep lessons lie. We need to heal whatever has held us back, be it in this lifetime or prior lifetimes. We need to face our fears, rather than burying them, as they will continue to show up in one way or another whether it is keeping us stuck in a situation we no longer wish to be in or as dis-ease within our body. If we do not face our challenges and learn from them, the lesson will recycle in another form. By working through what feels out of balance, we become free to live the life of our dreams. We CAN manifest whatever our heart desires through intention and focus and we should always ask that whatever it is we desire, be for our highest good, as we don't always know what IS best for us. Be sure it is what you really want before throwing those thoughts out into the universe because what you request will come back to you, so be sure you are very specific and positive as you may be surprised by what you receive.

It is very important that we check in with ourselves regularly also, to see what we do truly want to achieve. We are changing all the time, so it makes sense that our wants and needs will alter. When embarking on a spiritual journey, it can be frustrating at times because with all the information out there, it is easy to believe that progressing on your spiritual path is simple and fast. This could not be further from the truth. There are times of sudden progress, certainly, but for the most part it is a gradual life long journey. Spiritual Awakening is a stripping back of everything you thought you knew about yourself and the world. Your entire life changes and you begin to move into alignment with who you came here to be. We all have a mission to accomplish, be it to heal the planet or to heal others. Everything you have experienced up until this point has been in preparation for it. Patience is a big lesson for most of us and the popular quote 'it's not about the destination, it's the journey' is so true. If you're looking for an end point, there isn't one. There is always more to learn about ourselves and the universe. We are constantly evolving, so we can never know everything there is to know. We continue our evolution once we transition from this lifetime also. To be the best version of ourselves, we need to commit to learning who we are, what we wish to achieve and how we can best serve.

How do we do this?

We begin by healing ourselves and listening to the nudges of our soul. We are always being given direction but we may not take notice. The more we heal, the more meditation we do, the more self development we do, the more we start to see, hear, feel the signs that are all around us, leading us to where we need to be to make the most impact - to find our joy!

Energy Healing is a wonderful way to begin clearing negative emotions and blockages and Meditation is a very calming practice to commit to for your overall well-being & Spiritual progression. Meditation is an important tool in raising our vibration and enabling us to have a clearer connection with spirit. To book a session with Narelle Visit

Narelle x

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