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The Spiral

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

I have heard it said many times that the journey is not a straight line but indeed a spiral that continues to flow back around to a new experience until the lesson has been learned. Time is not linear as we have been taught and everything happening is happening now, not yesterday, not tomorrow but now.

We are living out multiple versions of ourselves in various dimensions right now. The endeavour is to keep a vibration that is in line with our highest timeline, in order to be in complete alignment with our soul's purpose for this lifetime. How we do this is different for each of us as we are all unique. In this human experience we must care, not only for our physical health but our spiritual health and emotional health, which is not always an easy task. Keeping the balance between our spiritual selves and our physical selves can be a challenge at times, especially during times of uncertainty like we are experiencing now. It is easy to want to escape and to live with our head in the clouds.

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These turbulent times have tested each and every one of us. Be sure not to be drawn too far into the chaos. Take time out to appreciate all the beauty that this world has to offer. It is not all doom and gloom as some would have us believe. Look into the eyes of a child and tell me life is not amazing, stare at a freshly bloomed flower and smell the magnificence of it's aroma and you are brought back to the now, and the reality that all is just as it should be for now. Being present is important as that is where we can do the best for ourselves and for others. Being present enables us access to our intuition, to gain information and insight into what will most benefit us at any given moment. It allows our mind to rest from the over activity that can drain our energy with continuous thoughts. We are all learning and the more we can rise to the occasion, the easier the transition. Life is wonderful, amazing, brilliant or it is doom and gloom. It is what we make of it and there is always a silver lining no matter the hardship. It is all about your beliefs and perspective. Take pleasure in the simplicity of life and breathe in the aroma of the flower, the softness of the grass between your toes, the wonder in the eyes of our children. Approach each day as a child does, with excitement, with hope, with magic. Everything is possible with belief and with love in our hearts. Love for self and love for everyone and everything. There is no separation. Challenge yourself to be the best you can be every day, and be mindful of not striving for perfection. We are not perfect and we are not supposed to be perfect. We are learning and growing and becoming better with each passing day, is enough. Upon waking, take some deep breaths and say "Thankyou"! - Thankyou for being here, for the opportunity to fulfill your dreams and for the opportunity to be of service to all who need you at this time. So, embrace the spiral rather than resisting it and life will flow for you rather than against you. The resistance gives more energy to a situation so allowing, releasing, surrendering and trusting is what helps you through every circumstance. You need only view nature to see how the spiral is such an intrinsic part of our world - The spiral is seen in flowers, plants, animals and sea-life and within our human bodies. Embrace it in the knowledge that it just 'IS'

Narelle x

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