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The Shift

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

It's easy in these turbulent times to feel as though we are powerless. With many people losing a percentage of their income or the entire amount through businesses closing, either temporarily or indefinitely and being in a constant state of panic that we may fall ill, it's not surprising that life feels as though it has been turned upside down. What we all once knew as 'normal' and predictable has become anything but.

The Shift Blog by Earth Star Transmissions.

I don't feel we should be referring to life as we know it right now as 'the new normal' because that hands our power over to someone else. This doesn't have to be the new normal at all. What it is though is a period of transition, into something different, which can be unsettling for alot of people. What if though, this transition into something different was ultimately benefiting each and every one of us? What if we were to reassess our values, reset our moral compass and begin to live life in a new way - a way in which we value ourselves more, each other more and the planet more. We have so much to be grateful for right now if only we look through the suffering and disarray.

It is through the challenging times that we learn the most and progress the most, so rather than falling into the victim mentality of "why is this happening to me?" maybe think about all of the wonderful possibilities that come with change. When anything becomes stagnant there has to be a shift in order for progression and growth to take place. This applies to us as human beings, in governments and organisations that make the decisions about how the world is going to operate, and it also filters out into the universe, for what affects one, affects all. We are a collective of souls that are interconnected with one another energetically. It may feel daunting to take this concept onboard, but on a soul level we all understand this to be truth. You have lived many lives in various realms and what you learned in each incarnation is locked inside of you waiting for your wake up call to bring forth the wisdom and knowledge, gifts and abilities you possess.

What I am trying to convey is that you are so much more powerful than you realise. You can do anything you wish to do. If you can think it, you can do it. It's that simple. You can manifest anything you can conjure up in your mind, through feeling as though it's already happening. We can move into a much brighter future, through love and compassion for ourselves and each other for as we treat ourselves with the respect we deserve, we send that energy out into the world and beyond. The way we treat the Earth is a reflection of how we treat ourselves, so show it the respect and compassion it deserves. Without her, we will cease to exist. If you feel a push to do something new, to make a change or make a difference, now is the perfect time to take that leap, listen to your heart and go for it. The Universe is backing you all the way! Sit and reflect upon what it is you see yourself doing, then visualise it, open your heart and know that anything is possible. Ask to receive what it is you are wishing for, or something better, then trust in the process and practice patience as there is no time limit on wishes.

Narelle x

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