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The Medicine of Nature

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

You may have heard people in the Spiritual and Wellness community mention the benefits of connecting with Nature. There is no doubt that there is so much benefit in connecting with nature, but what does that actually mean?

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You may think it means that you have to trek into the middle of nowhere and sleep out under the stars - but you don't. As amazing as this scenario sounds, it may not be possible on a regular basis and we definitely need Nature on a regular basis. So how can we bring nature into our reality regularly and why would we want to?

I will begin with the why, then go into the how. The why is all about feeling good. Nature provides that for us - in fact it provides us with everything we need. Nature is medicine. Think about it. Where did our Medicine come from originally, before it was tampered with? Plants and Flowers. We take it for granted and as we humans damage it to the point that it's perfect harmonious ecosystems begins to struggle, we have a lot to answer for. If it were not for Nature, we could not survive. We require the trees to breathe, yet they are continuously cut down to provide space for more and more unnecessary concrete dwellings. The rain cleanses and quenches us and the sun enables us to grow. It is not surprising that there has been a surge of Natural disasters recently. Nature will only take so much before it needs to rebalance. When we are in Nature we feel calmer, more relaxed and uplifted. It is a part of us and when we connect with it, we connect with our selves. We are Nature as everything is connected. Our physical bodies are made up of approximately 70% water and Mother Earth acts as a living breathing organism just as we do.

A setting in nature, can be any setting from the centre of a secluded forest, to the ocean, to sitting under a tree in your very own backyard. As long as there is a natural element there, you are forming a connection - therefore it is accessible for everyone at any time. Sitting on a bench in a park or bringing plants and flowers into your home is a nature connection. Crystals worn or placed within a home is a connection to nature. A water feature, a pond - all represent nature.

Ask yourself what you feel most drawn to - is it the rolling of the waves at the beach with the sun beaming down upon your face, or is it the coolness of standing in a forest with the Earth beneath your feet, next to a trickling stream? I have found that most people have a preference toward one or the other but you might certainly love both as I do. For me, a combination of the two is my ideal place to be with the forest leading along a small opening to the ocean. There is no better place to Ground, to Cleanse, to Rejuvenate, to Connect.

When you stand at the beach on the beautiful powdery sand, allow your feet to sink deeper into the sand further and further as the water washes across the tops of your toes. Allow the connection between you and the Water, the Earth, the Sun to come into alignment. When in a Forest or Bushland setting, imagine tree roots extending from the soles of your feet and feel them growing downward through all the layers of the Earth until you reach the heart of the Earth - a golden light that the tree roots can plug into for Energy, for Grounding, for connection. Feel the energizing golden light moving upward into your feet and up through your body all the way to the top of your head. This is a great way to recharge your energy. Nature is always there for us and aids our well-being.

Try to find a time each day where you are allowing yourself the opportunity to connect with nature. When we are in Nature, we are at one with everything and we are more able to listen to the guidance of our higher selves. We miss so much of the assistance that is all around us when we rush through our day busily trying to cram as much as we possibly can into every moment. When we spend time in Nature, we are able to stop and let go and we can breathe - not the typical shallow breaths that come from enduring stress and being in a hurry more often than not, but I'm talking about a proper deep breathe that we inhale purposefully and mindfully. We need to stop 'doing' so much and start 'being' more often. This is mindfulness. This is allowing the natural flow of life to come into play. This is the key to unlocking our inner wisdom. So find your special place, take a few deep breaths, relax and listen. What do you hear?

Finally, one of the best ways to give back to Nature is to think about what you buy, and where it will end up when you discard it's packaging. This is so so important. How long will it take for this packaging to break down? Will it harm our marine life? Will it harm our wildlife? Is there a better way that I can shop to reduce my amount of waste? Please please please throw your rubbish in the bin and not on the ground. If we all take more care then Nature can flourish for generations to come.

Narelle x

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