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The Magic Pill

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

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We have all been guilty of wanting the quick fix whether it be in relation to our diet, a relationship moving ahead, career progression and even spiritual progress. We want it all and we want it now! That's just our humanness at play. The Magic Pill we are seeking is already available to us, and we each have the capability of accessing it.

The Magic Pill is loving ourselves unconditionally. If we love ourselves unconditionally then we realise nothing is unattainable as we come to understand our potential is limitless. We therefore owe it to ourselves to aim for our highest potential as we believe we are worth the work we need to do to unlock the wisdom and knowledge we each possess to live out our dreams. There is no quick fix, but the effort we put in will pay off with perseverance, commitment, dedication, trust and of course patience. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight.

How do we unlock this unconditional love? We forgive ourselves and others - this does not mean we forgive them for what they did, but we forgive them, so we are released from the hold the experience may still have on us. We change our perspective and re-write the beliefs ingrained in us. We are taught from a young age how things are supposed to be - this varies from family to family, culture to culture but there is typically a set of rules that we are guilted into abiding by in order to be accepted, in order to be loved, then in addition to that there is the expectation set by the media - how we should behave, look, feel and so on. Imagine if we could just let all of that go and just be whoever we want to be without fear of criticism or prejudice. Unconditional love is how we do just that. Unconditional love is fully embracing who we are, without judgement and with complete acceptance.

Working through "our stuff" and removing the layers we have built up to protect ourselves from being hurt, abandoned, rejected, abused etc is what is needed in order to fully step into loving the person we see in the mirror. All of the negative emotions trapped within us from the past must be released in order to be whole and to progress forward to a life of abundance and joy. Too often we hold onto what no longer serves us as a way to feel safe but it is really counter-intuitive. Letting go is where you are able to experience the security and freedom you are searching for. We are all capable of healing ourselves - we can tap into universal knowledge and we can rise to a higher level of consciousness once we believe it is possible.

Narelle x

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