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The Magic is YOU!

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

The Magic Is You Blog by Earth Star Transmissions

We search, we seek, we stumble, we fall and all along what we were looking for was already there. WE are what we were looking for. WE are the magic that creates every moment of every day that is our experience. When we figure this out by whatever means it occurs, be it an awakening that catapults us into an entire new reality or over a more gradual remembering of the truth of who we are, it is life changing. So why are we here and most importantly where do we find the answers to all of those questions that can be as confusing as hell?

Glad you asked lol...I myself have been a seeker of knowledge for the past 9 years - in hindsight, much longer actually, but prior to that time period I was a sleeper, completely oblivious to the goings on of energy, manifesting and understanding that everything we are looking for is already there waiting for us to re-awaken and to begin consciously accessing it. I believed in Spirits and Elementals, and I always felt there were Aliens that lived on other planets etc but I never saw myself as a spiritual being or that I had any kind of power within myself. I was constantly looking outwardly, asking everyone else how I was supposed to be living my life. Funny thing about that is no one else really knows what they're supposed to be doing, let alone what I should be, and then there are those who might not have your best interest at heart so handing your power over to them with all of this indecision and self doubt just makes their job of keeping you down that much easier. It's very common for Empaths to find themselves in the company of narcissists. We all have experiences that teach us and enable us to grow and help others so none of it is wasted. How else will we help others further down the track if we ourselves have no reference point to these experiences?

Where am I going with all of this? Well, firstly from the time we are born we are being taught how to act, who to be, what to like, what not to like and so on and so on. We are born still remembering who we are and where we have just been prior to incarnating, though in our early years of life the majority of us have been conditioned enough to think, believe, act a certain way based upon the beliefs and rules of our families, governments, friends, teachers and what we are exposed to via the media.

When we start to remember that we are not physical beings but rather, energetic beings having a human experience at this time, we will naturally become drawn to learning more. It is definitely beneficial to study and to find like minded people who you can share your experiences with - (it is very common to begin having psychic and/or mediumship experiences as we awaken to the realisation that we are energy and as such we are interacting with energies of all kinds all the time.)

As our energy starts to raise through healing our trauma, old outdated belief systems and physical and emotional healing, we naturally feel drawn to take better care of ourselves and may start to veer away from some of our old habits such as drinking alchohol or eating certain foods that no longer align with our new higher vibratory systems. We are more open to receive the intuitive responses that have been there all along but clouded by denser energies we have been carrying.

It is natural to look outside of ourselves and to seek counsel in teachers who may have many years of experience in spiritual teachings or coaches who can guide us in the right direction but I would urge you to take your time and to ask your guides to bring the right person for you into your experience. There are many spiritual teachers, coaches, healers that you will find online and many who have huge followings but that doesn't mean they are the right teacher for you. Remember to always trust your intuition and to go with how you feel. If someone is telling you that their way is the only way then I would probably keep looking. If you are having difficulty finding someone then it might be a sign that for now at least you are the best teacher you could ever need and that you hold all the guidance you need within.

Where do I find these answers you ask? By becoming still as often as you can, by being open to receive what is for your highest good, by meditating or sitting in the power every day, by keeping your energy in a high vibrational state, by treating your body with love and kindness, by moving your body, by consistent spiritual practices and by loving and trusting in yourself. The more you can do this, the more you will receive. You might hear guidance through clairaudience, you might feel it through clairsentience, you might just know what you need to know through claircognizance or you might see it through visions if you are clairvoyant. Your abilities will evolve as you progress on your path and so be grateful for the now and be hopeful and positive for what is to come.

You are right where you need to be right now and you have an exciting journey ahead. You are a loving, brave warrior or you wouldn't be here at this time. There are many waking up right now and if you are one of them I want you to know how amazing you are, and that you are here to make a difference. As you move through this process you will find your soul tribe who will support you and provide a space of unity. What do you need to do right now? Nothing other than live in joy, do what lights you up, meditate, ground your energy daily, raise your vibration and stay above the rest of it. Keep going!

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Narelle x

Narelle Monteleone from Earth Star Transmissions is a Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Channel & Holistic Counsellor. Narelle provides Sessions, Workshops, Retreats, Ebooks, Courses and Classes.

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