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The Inner Sanctuary

Updated: Mar 25

Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Mother Nature is aching for some respite - Our continual abuse and neglect has taken a toll and we are seeing the result of this through the extreme devastation happening throughout the world.

The Inner Sanctuary Blog by Earth Star Transmissions

We are entering into a time however that will allow her to regenerate - she will flourish and we will have the opportunity to connect with Gaia - some of us possibly for the very first time.

We have disconnected from nature and we need that connection to thrive and for our survival. Through cherishing what nature provides us, we begin to value it and each other more. It shouldn't take the world to come to a standstill in order for us to open our hearts and to show compassion for one another, but it seems this it what it is going to take. Someday in the not too distant future, it will all have been worth the adjustments we are all making now to everyday living.

We need to evaluate the way in which we live, the way we shop, how much we consume. Imagine each of us simplifying our lives and only buying what we truly need, rather than what we feel we must have just to keep up with the masses. None of that has any meaning and will never bring the happiness humans desire. I can imagine a world where we grow our own food, we nurture the earth and and she in turn willingly provides us with exactly what we need. We eat produce dependent on the Seasons rather than what we feel we must have at any given moment. We use herbs as medicinal remedies for any ailments be it physical, emotional or spiritual. We slow down, switch off auto-pilot and we look each other in the eye as we walk down the street and smile and we show genuine concern for all. We know our neighbours and we share what we have with them without question or expectation of receiving something in return. We honour our harvest and take the time to savour each bite as we become more present in the way that we consume our food. Meals are about sharing and bonding with the ones we love. We ensure we have all that we need and no more than we need. As we give the Earth the love and respect she deserves, the Earth returns the favour threefold. In this new world, our need to spend, to have the latest gadgets and devices ceases as our relationships deepen. Our food is predominantly fresh and local, not packaged and filled with additives and genetically modified. The majority of us are now working from our homes after becoming accustomed to doing so during the virus. The work life balance becomes a reality as parents are now able to spend more time with their children who for the majority of families are home schooled. We are all living in a more positive state now and our energetic vibration has risen, awakening humanity to a higher level of consciousness.

This new world sees each of us meditating regularly, going within to find answers rather than blindly following the rules of a political leadership. We know what is best for us and we trust the nudges from our soul which is continuously directing us toward our highest potential. All of this can easily be achieved if we begin now. During this down time as we isolate, slow down, sit and breathe - everyday. Make it a part of your daily routine and notice the changes within you and your family - Encourage your children to do it aswell. Plant vegetables, plant herbs - whatever you can. If you live in an apartment, plant in pots. Teach your children how to grow food and make stillness and meditation the norm. The world is slowing down for a time. This is not the end, rather it is a new beginning. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and use this time as a catalyst for positive change - a time to enter into your Inner Sanctuary and create a new life that flows, that brings joy and happiness - a life in which we work smarter, not harder. Working yourself to the point of exhaustion is not how life is supposed to be. Do not buy into the panic and fear - detach from the drama, keep informed about what is transpiring but do not become obsessed by what the media is portraying. Keep an open mind, an open heart and know that this too shall pass. Look at what is happening now as an opportunity for a new world, a better world, but we each need to play our part in order to make it happen. You have the power!

Narelle x

Narelle Monteleone is a Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Teacher, Seichim Teacher, BQH Practitioner, Channel & Spiritual Teacher here to support those on the awakening journey through healing and activation, teachings and guidance.

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