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The Healing Power of Nature

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone of Earth Star Transmissions

The Healing Power of Nature Blog by Earth Star Transmissions

They're all around us but we might easily bypass them. They are in the gardens, the water ways, the air, the earth. They are the nature spirits who whisper to us as we brush past the leaves of the flowers, herbs, rocks and trees they are connected to.

As children we heard tales of fairies and goblins, of elves and many other forest dwellers. These were spoken of as being mythical creatures and fairy tales that we wished could be true but that we understood to be make believe stories. To me they were stories but underneath it all I knew - I knew they were more than that. I knew as my imagination would weave its way through the pages of bedtime stories that giants were real, that fairies were all around us and that elves and goblins indeed did exist. Nature is an amazing thing and as we know, we too are intrinsically connected with nature for in fact we are one and the same. When we separate from her for a time we can become sick or at the very least feel a yearning to be a part of her, whether that be immersing ourselves in the ocean, feeling compelled to go on a bushwalk or to simply 'be' in a garden to soak up the beauty of her, to take in the aroma of the natural world and to feel the vibration whether we are conscious of it yet or not. The flowers speak to us when we give ourselves the opportunity to be open to their language. The plants, flowers, herbs and trees hold the medicine we require for absolutely every physical ailment or emotional imbalance. The flowers hold the essence to bring us into balance and to transform us.

The physical world takes its toll on we humans from time to time with all that we absorb, though the plants, trees, oceans, rivers, mountains hold the healing energy that we need to bring us back to coherence with ourselves, into the equilibrium necessary to live a healthful life. We can eat well, we can drink plenty of water, get enough exercise and do what we consider to be healthy, but if we lock ourselves away for too long inside our homes without making a connection with the natural world, we will fall out of balance. We need the sun to recharge us and to transmute what we no longer need to carry, we need the fresh air to fill our lungs and to clear our physical systems, and we need the Earth to ground us into the here and now and we need the water to cleanse us and to raise our energetic frequency.

When we gift ourselves time spent in nature, we heal and we recharge, we become energised and we more easily connect with our inner child, our creative spark and our imagination is able to roam free with a sense of playful curiosity. We become inspired to take action and to create something new. We are reminded of the beauty that is all around us and therefore within us, and we are once again connecting to all that is magical by witnessing the miraculous through noticing the manner in which the butterflies, bees and other tiny insects interact with their plant allies. They take just what they need and no more, no less. They have respect for one another and they work together simultaneously creating and maintaing balance in a symbiotic fashion.

We can learn so much from time spent in nature and it should ideally be a daily exercise of immersing ourselves and feeling the connectedness of all things. When we listen we will once again hear those whispers of the fairies, the animal spirits, the flowers, the trees and so much more. Everything is energy and we are only bound by our own thoughts and programming, so do not limit yourself, for you are a being that holds the templates to create your own magnificent reality, unrestricted by what anyone else tells you to believe. You are sovereign and you are limitless. Reconnect to nature and you will undoubtedly reconnect with yourself.

Narelle x

Narelle Monteleone is a Reiki Teacher, Seichim Teacher, Flower Essence Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Healer and Channel. Through her own Spiritual Awakening journey Narelle has gained the knowledge and wisdom that she shares with others through her sessions, courses, workshops, blog and ebooks.

Contact Narelle via or FB: earthstartransmissions1111

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