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The Full Moon - Earth Star Transmissions

Updated: Mar 25

Today is the Full Moon - a Micro Moon, which means, as with any Full Moon it is a time to release whatever is not serving us, to meditate under the Full Moon energy, and to charge our Crystals Cards and Water if these are rituals you feel drawn to.

The Full Moon Blog by Earth Star Transmissions

There is a slight difference however in the intensity of this Micro Moon which can be a benefit for anyone who is overly sensitive typically to the Moon energy. I find the Full Moon to be a time of contemplation - to reflect on where we have been and where we see ourselves going. What is holding you back? How do you wish your life to be? It's true that being present is the best place to be, and where we make the most grounded choices, although we do need to think about what we want and to be aiming for our highest potential so there is a certain level of planning that needs to be recognised. Thinking about what we do want, enables us to see what we do not, and what may be currently in our lives that is out of balance. Whatever that is for you, take note of it and during the full moon, whether it be during meditation or simply sitting outside, absorbing the beautiful moon energy, release it and ask that it be sent away with love, asking that in it's place you be filled with pure unconditional love and in a state of receptivity for all things for your highest good.

Doing this upon the Full Moon clears the space to bring a fresh perspective in, then upon the New Moon, you ask for all that you wish to manifest, be brought forward. As with any request, it must come from a place of love and gratitude, so be sure to give thanks for your requests and blessings.

Doing this each Full Moon & New Moon is a great habit to get into and enables you to unleash your inner witchiness, however we do not need a certain moon phase to begin to take responsibility for our well-being and that of the planet - this planet that we all have a duty to respect and preserve. Regularly clearing ourselves and letting go of what holds us back along with raising our vibrational frequency should be something we all partake in daily. We are each responsible for raising our own vibration, which in turn raises the vibration of the entire planet. By consciously setting the intention to do so sets the wheels in motion benefiting our individual evolution and that of the world. As the consciousness rises we move into a new state of being - a new world where loves takes precedence over all else and fear can no longer remain. Today is the perfect time to start this practice as we release anything out of alignment with how we envision our new life to be. Take inventory on the negative aspects of your life, as the first step is recognising them. This can be extremely empowering. We are all able of making great strides within our own lives by committing to do whatever necessary to lift ourselves up, and when done en masse, the world changes.

As everything in the Universe is connected, what each of us does to improve our own selves, filters out to those around us, lifting them up, then those around them, lifting them up, and so on. It has a domino effect, so never feel you are not making a difference, because simply by raising your vibration and being your true authentic self, you are in fact helping humanity as a whole.

Narelle x

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