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Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

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Spiritual Awakening can be a confusing if not life changing time especially if you have no prior knowledge on what Awakening is. Until it happens to you, you probably would not have heard of the term – Why would you? It’s still not yet a mainstream topic that people discuss openly unless you happen to be the recipient of said awakening or you know someone who has.

Where to begin? – An Awakening can come on suddenly like you have been hit by a freight train or it can be more gradual in its process. What it always guarantees is a big change, which forces you to see what can no longer remain in your life. It’s a de-cluttering of sorts that releases you from anything that is holding you back and not in alignment with your life purpose for this incarnation. Before you were born into this 3D reality you agreed to a plan that involved living out your life in a way that enables you to learn your lessons and experience oneness. We all have our own individual life purpose, however, upon incarnating on Earth we forget everything we have signed up for and have to follow the nudges of our soul to what we are drawn to, leading us to the experiences and people we are supposed to meet so that they can play their role. Meditating is beneficial, as it allows us to receive the promptings we require to lead us where we need to be, as we are able to connect with our Spirit Team and Higher Selves to access the wisdom for our next and subsequent steps.

Now some people just know that this is the process and have been drawn to spiritual pursuits their entire lives, so they base all major decisions on how they feel rather than thinking with their logical mind. Others, like myself are triggered at a certain point in life which plunges them into a Spiritual Awakening, leaving them with a desire to learn all they can about spiritual modalities, gain knowledge, seek out spiritual teachers and completely change the type of work they have been doing and begin a journey of self discovery and healing.

An Awakening is a completely individual and unique experience for everyone but there are some common threads such as feeling different, feeling out of place, wanting more solitude, not wanting to be in crowded places, feeling drawn to spiritual modalities, a thirst for knowledge, wanting to change your diet, feeling lost, Clair senses opening up and so much more. With everything in life, there is positive and negative so with this new found level of light, there is also dark. Whatever needs to be brought to the surface to be healed, will be so it is definitely not a walk in the park but it is completely worth it. You will change and heal what needs to be and you will continue to grow and progress on so many levels.

Join me in Awaken your Inner Mystic Online Course and learn foundational practices that will support you in navigating your awakening journey, learning skills that will help you to ground and recentre, to heal and to access your intuitive abilities more effectively HERE!!

Narelle x

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