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Pleaidian Transmission

Updated: Mar 25

Channeled by Narelle Monteleone of Earthly Star Transmissions

Details, details, details - Humans love the details. What is so important about details? What is necessary is what you will receive. What is unnecessary will not! Humans have a need for details, facts and labels, though none of them are essential ingredients to ones success or happiness.

Pleaidian Transmission by Earth Star Transmissions. Details, details details, humans love the details. Read more at

All that matters is how well you lived the experience. What did you learn and what from that learning did you share with others? It is not as complex as it seems, for indeed why you are all here right now is quite simple - to usher in a new world, a new Earth. An Earth that builds on the foundations, though indeed many of those foundations were rocky and will need to be replaced. Moving foward as a collective takes courage and most of all love and compassion for one another. Your fellow man or woman is not your enemy, though the system of corruption has created a separation of sorts, creating enemies between many of you.

As more awaken, this will be rectified, though you all need to play a part in this change which I must remind you is already unfolding. Show kindness to yourselves on a singular level and through the law of vibration you will assist in the vibration of all you connect with. Be kind to yourselves, be kind to each other. Assist your fellow man and do it because you can, because it is right and just and without expectation of reward or reciprocation. This is how change will occur with the most positive of possible outcomes. Vibration is everything and life can change in a single moment. Use the power you each have to create the world you wish your children's children to live upon. There are various timelines at play and each must step up now, take the reins and know this is a time like no other.

Take responsibility for your own well-being, your own energetic signature and only then can you be in the vibration needed to create change on a collective level. We love you and we see you and we wish you many blessings for this time you have ahead. We are doing what is possible based on universal law though we can only intervene to a certain degree.

Pleadian Transmission X

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