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New Year - New Moon

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

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I wish all of you a very Happy New Year full of Abundance!

This is a time to dream, to envision and to create what it is you wish for the coming year 2022. We are changing and evolving in every moment and as such it is important to keep focused upon what truly matters. That will be different for each of us and as we enter into the New Moon energy, take some time to sit and reflect upon exactly what that is for you.

On a collective scale I think we can all agree that we need to move through what has been keeping us down this past year and a half. There is a level of control within our society that we have not seen before although it has always been there. Many people are waking up and seeing clearly what we have been allowing for far too long now. The system will fall away when we are able to stand up and say NO! We are in need of a new way of living - of being. We are more than able to decide what is best for us as human beings and we should not be handing over our power so willingly. We have placed too much trust in institutions that do not have our best interests at heart so it is time to question EVERYTHING! As always your intuition is your best guide. It tells you when something doesn't feel right. Please listen to it. We tend to get the nudge then disregard it then say 'oh I knew that'. Trust it everytime.

This is a time of new beginnings and the more we can each put our energy into spending time with ourselves, our true selves, the brighter our world will be. What I mean by that is many people live their entire lives on the surface, not comfortable spending time alone, needing to be constantly on the go in order to avoid the inner work or feeling the need to be surrounded by others all the time. They may self medicate as a means to dull down what they don't want to face. The thought of spending time alone and going within scares them and if this is you I urge you to push through that fear because it will be well worth it. The inner work is being comfortable and loving all parts of ourselves, all our experiences, all our faults, all our strengths, the trauma, everything, because all of it has brought us to where we are right now. There are many ways to do this and I would recommend Journalling and Meditating as a starting point. Express what you are feeling through writing about it. It enables you to let go to a degree that which you have been holding on to in your physical body. Meditation will relax and calm you and enable you to get used to being in your own energy. It will also help you to practice mindfulness while benefiting you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Take some time out over the next few days and turn the TV off - disconnect for a time at least from your devices. We have all had enough negativity pouring out of it to last us a lifetime. Do something that relaxes you, that puts you in a calm space - that could be swimming, heading out into nature, meditating, reading a book, being creative - whatever you like and just ask yourself the question. Who am I and what do I truly want for myself in this lifetime? Many people realise they just want to be happy and to help others in some capacity. We are here to be of service after all.

This is a wonderful starting point to learning more about ourselves and what we wish to do in order to feel fulfilled, to feel joy, to feel whole. The past is the past - it taught you what you needed to learn but now you are here in the present and you have the opportunity to make a real difference to not only yourself but to those around you. We are all connected so what affects one affects all. Do what you can every day to feel positive, to feel uplifted, to feel grateful and know you have a specific reason for being here at this time or you wouldn't have chosen to come. No matter the challenges that we face as a race, we are all one and we will make the necessary changes when we understand that when we love ourselves and eachother unconditionally, there is no stopping us. We are sovereign beings and once we remember that at our essence we are unconditional love, everything begins to shift. It's time to rise! We are all one and there will be no separation.

Take each day one moment at a time and resist the urge for perfectionism. We're supposed to screw up from time to time. It's how we learn and grow from it. The more we can heal ourselves the more we can assist the healing of those around us, our ancestral line and so on. Everything we do has an impact.

Narelle x

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