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Navigating your way through Awakening

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Navigating your way through Awakening Blog by Earth Star Transmissions

You wake up one day and you feel different - the world seems different and you wonder what the meaning of life really is. You may feel scared and completely disillusioned about everything you once accepted as your reality. Don't fear because you are not alone...

What you may be experiencing is a Spiritual Awakening. The waking up from the sleep you have been in for most of your life. For me it came as a sudden jolt as with many people, but for others it can be a gradual transition. You start to question how you are living your life, the choices you make, the job you have, Everything!! It is a cleansing process enabling you to begin the journey back to who you truly are - Your true self.

You may be feeling drawn to Spiritual Books, Crystals, Oracle or Tarot Cards, Spiritual or Psychic Development, Numerology and a host of other Modalities. This is generally a good indicator that you are experiencing an Awakening. You may notice changes in your food choices, wanting to eat less animal products and more plant based foods and feeling more of a connection to nature than you had prior to this new reality you are suddenly moving through.

Top 10 indicators you are experiencing an Awakening......

~ Feeling a sense of urgency in knowing more, looking for answers, a yearning for knowledge

~ Synchronicity, coincidences all around you

~ Being on an Emotional Roller-coaster, mood swings, ups and downs, crying for no apparent reason

~ Feeling a strong desire to change jobs or move house

~ A stronger connection to Nature than ever before, flowers, trees, plants, animals

~ Wanting time alone away from others, and not coping being around large groups of people

~ Wanting to help others and do something more meaningful in your life

~ Worrying there is something wrong with you because no one you know is going through this

~ Feeling isolated

~ Detesting watching reality TV, the news, hearing or reading about tragedy or negative issues happening throughout the world

There are many more clues you may be experiencing an Awakening, and commonly you may feel energies around you as you are becoming more sensitive. You will begin to surrender and to allow what will be to be. You will see the connection between your thoughts and how they create your reality. Positive thoughts - Positive Reality, Negative thoughts - Negative Reality. What you visualise and feel is what you may bring forward into your now. Being Mindful of what you are thinking, especially in terms of the thoughts you are having about yourself is very important. Love yourself unconditionally! You are perfection just as you are.

There is alot of information now on the Internet to assist you through this period, however, I would recommend you seek out a Spiritual Teacher or Spiritualist Church to guide you on this journey and to connect you with like minded people. I started Meditating and began by learning Reiki with a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, who is also a Spiritual Teacher and Medium. I found this a wonderful way to begin healing others as well as myself. If you are not familiar with Reiki or Meditation, please check out my previous Blogs, Website or Social Media pages. You are not alone and so many others on this planet are going through the same experiences at this time. Know you will never be the same person you were and this is something to be grateful for. You're not supposed to be. 😍

To learn techniques that will support you on your journey of awakening join my Awaken your Inner Mystic Course HERE!

Narelle x

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