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Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

A magician never reveals his secrets was the message that was delivered to me yesterday!

Messengers - A magician never reveals his secrets was the message. Read more of this blog at

It is so amazing to me even though I'm aware this happens all of the time, that we are given messages to guide us, to help us, to protect us and to sometimes simply remind us of the power of the universe, of the magic that is all around us when we stop and hit the pause button, taking time out from auto pilot. There are messengers all around us.

I had just driven into my driveway and saw two young boys, maybe 8 or 9 years old on their scooters heading down the path toward my house. I opened my front door and started unloading the shopping, and when I walked back to the car the boys were right there so I smiled and they stopped. One of them said "Can I ask you something?" I said yes and he said "Do you want to see a magic trick?" I decided I really did want to see a magic trick and so I said yes again to which he said "Okay $1.00". I had no change on me so I informed the little entrepreneur or swindler, still not sure which that I didn't have any change on me, so don't worry, to which he replied "Okay, for free then".

The trick which i'm sure you've seen done many times is choosing a number between 1 and 100 and so once I had the number in my mind (It was 22 by the way), he began showing me cards with numbers on them, asking if the number I chose was there. One by one he was passing the cards to his little side kick who seemed quite excited about the whole situation. He then said "is it number 22?" I said "Yes", now also pretty excited and intrigued and they both smiled proudly.

I thanked them and asked "How did you do it?" then the little side kick looked me straight in the eye and said "A magician never reveals his secrets" and smiled. As I looked into his eyes I saw a wise old soul and I was grateful for the message. I said goodbye and thankyou again and they whizzed off down the path on their scooters.

It made me smile as I thought about it later because I knew that the message was to let me know that I should wait before sharing things sometimes and that I don't have to always reveal everything and that it's okay to keep some things that are just for me. It also made me smile because it was a reminder of the magic of the Universe, the magic that we all have to tap into that connects us to our child selves, the innocence of self and the wonder that can appear out of nowhere, even on a scooter in the middle of suburbia. We just need to keep our eyes, hearts and minds open to discover what might come into our awareness in the least likely places and that anything that we can imagine in our minds, exists on some level of existence. When we come into this awareness then we can acknowledge that anything is possible and that taking on some of our childlike qualities of curiosity, wonder, excitement, joy, adventure, innocence, are building blocks for our creativity to be birthed from. It's also a reminder that kids are amazing and have so much to teach us when we give them the time.

Messages like these can come from many different messengers - through nature from animals, insects, flowers, feathers, leaves, clouds, water, rocks. They can come through complete strangers just like my most recent experience, or you might overhear a conversation that resonates with you on some level - maybe answers a question you have had on your mind, or they can come through songs, radio announcements, billboards, number plates, coins, and so on and so on. Being open to the Universe guiding you will assist you in noticing what is coming into your awareness and as I have already mentioned, being in a state of wonder, anchored in a love frequency will ensure you are sending out loving vibes to the world and bringing back to you what is in resonance with the energy of love.

Change is coming and as I write this the wind is literally shaking the house with its strength. Stay grounded one and all and remain in the vibration of love, compassion and understanding for self and others. There is always change occurring on some level and there needs to be a crumbling at times in order to rebuild something better, so if you are experiencing difficulties right now in any area of your life, know that there is a reason for that and that maybe something better is on the way. Practice Meditation daily or any other spiritual practice such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki etc that will assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and notice your life begin to change in whatever way is best for you going forward. Breathe through any turmoil and upheaval and know you are stronger than you know.

Narelle x

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