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Meditation for Transformation

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Meditation might not be what you think it is. There has been confusion around it's purpose for a long time - How it works - What it's for - What is involved in practicing it. I will briefly touch on what it is NOT then we can get into what it IS and what the benefits are.

Meditation for Transformation Blog by Earth Star Transmissions. Meditation might not be what you think it is.

For those with a regular meditation practice, you already know how transformative it can be but before we go any further I will discuss as mentioned what it is not. Meditation is not something that is reserved for monks sitting on mountainsides for days on end, or spiritual gurus, or 'hippies.' It is not hard once you start and meditation is not a Religion. It is a spiritual practice and practiced by people the world over by those on the spiritual path and by many who are not, but who seek the undeniable benefits it provides for Health and Wellness - primarily for Mental Health.

What is Meditation and why should you be making it a part of your daily routine?

Meditation is a process in which we come into the present moment through each breathe. Our thoughts will inevitably wander but we remind ourselves that in this moment we are breathing and that nothing else matters right now. We will naturally keep drifting back and forth between being present and thoughts entering and that's completely normal, but we do not allow these distractions and that is all they are, to prevent us from giving this time to ourselves.

In time, these distractions will lessen and we will drop into this presence much more easily as we have done it repeatedly and it becomes second nature. We know what to do because this is our natural state. It doesn't need to be complicated or difficult. For those who have not found the time or inclination to sit and breathe, are always busy and rushing from one thing to the next and can't sit still then it may be challenging initially. With perseverance and persistence however, this will ease and you will come to a place of calm and relaxation - of stillness. Trust me it gets easier. Meditation has many physical benefits aswell as benefits mentally and spiritually ~ Everything is connected - Mind, Body, Spirit. There are some who regard Meditation as an act of escapism and I can understand that but what are we running from? Ourselves? We can never truly run from ourselves. Every experience we have is a result of what is going on within us, so rather than running away from whatever that shadow is, I would ask that you acknowledge it, feel the emotions that come up when certain memories are triggered. This is how we heal them. The more we push them down and attempt to bypass the things we don't want to look at, the more they manifest in experiences in our reality. Rather than running from them, face them and know that they have taught you something, they have enabled you to grow and they have served a purpose and they have no power over you. Accept them, love them and know they are a part of who you are. Forgive, accept and keep moving forward.

If someone was to ask me what my 'go to' is to de-stress, to seek guidance and to give back to myself I would definitely say Meditation. It becomes such an easy space to come into when you do it regularly. During times when I have taken a break it does take a bit of effort to get back into the swing of it but that is okay too. Life is full of change, of times to act and times to just be and Meditation is no different. There are times when certain things come up and have to come first and that's just life. These breaks away can also really highlight the benefits of meditating because we will feel less connected when we aren't meditating. Funny how we humans sometimes need to miss something to realise its importance. You do always have time however because for as little as 5 Minutes a day or even 1 Minute a day, you are practising mindfulness, enjoying a moment in time that you might have missed had you not paused for just a moment. Meditation is the space in which to receive the answers to all of your questions about absolutely ANYTHING.

A Space to Meditate

Having your own little place to retreat to meditate in is amazing but you might just have a corner in your home or office and that's perfect. You can meditate anywhere, anytime aside from when you are driving, operating machinery or taking care of your children - as long as it's safe basically. If you make space for it, the process is even easier. Wherever the space is for you - and it can be your favourite corner of the house or a comfy chair you love to sit in, be sure to place items there that you love. Each time you sit there you might like to light a candle or place some flowers there before starting your meditation practice. Why? None of this is truly necessary, at all, but when you create the space in this way, you are honouring the time you are putting in and you are sending the signal out to the Universe that you are ready to begin. The energy heightens in this space and you will find that you drop into a meditative state much easier. You can add crystals or any other trinkets that mean something to you or that raise the vibration of the space. Smudging before or after meditating is also good. I use Sage or Palo Santo and sometimes incense. Whatever you love is what is right. Use your intuition to what you are guided to do.

Meditating regularly will change your energy by raising your energetic vibrational frequency and connecting you to both Heaven and Earth simultaneously. It will expand your consciousness and your perception of life will alter to encapsulate a much more vast spectrum of awareness. Overall you will find more clarity, receive those 'aha' moments and be sending out more positive energy into the world which will in turn bring to you, more positive experiences. Your heart is the portal to all you desire - It is the bridge between the physical and the non-physical. Meditation will aid in positive spiritual connections when you are grounded and have shielded your energy ensuring you are connecting only with what is for your highest good. We all have a spiritual team guiding us through our life and Meditation will assist in forming a clearer connection as we raise our vibration to meet theirs. Meditation will raise your vibration which enables you to reach higher vibratory frequencies rather than tapping into the lower astral energy.

Narelle x

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