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Learning Reiki

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Learning Reiki Blog By Earth Star Transmissions

I am going to start by saying that I truly believe that learning Reiki will change your life. How much of a change will depend on your level of committment.

Like everything, the more focus you place upon it, the more it will become a part of your life.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit which is why I recommend a 21 Day Self Healing Practice immediately after becoming attuned to Reiki.

What is an attunement you ask?

Well, although I have titled this blog 'Learning Reiki' it is really more of an attunement that opens the channel to receive Reiki. It opens your chakras and is an initiation of sorts that brings through the Reiki energy. There is learning as well of course to ensure you are maintaining the traditional teachings and symbols of Dr. Mikao Usui or of whatever Reiki lineage you may be learning, however I like to encourage students to use their intuition as much as possible when working with Reiki. This not only strengthens your intuitive abilities but it also ensures you are providing the best healing for the person on the receiving end. But not to worry if you feel your intuition isn't kicking in straight away, were all different and we all do things in our own time and there are certain hand positions you can use to ensure you have provided a complete Reiki Healing that covers the main 7 Chakras.

At Earth Star Transmissions we provide Reiki attunements for Usui Reiki from Level 1 up to Master Teacher Level. Master Teacher Level enables you to become the Reiki Teacher in order to attune others. We also offer Attunements for Level 1 and Master Level of Seichim - an ancient Egyptian Energy Healing practice. Those wishing to become attuned to Seichim will need to be attuned to Level 2 Reiki or the equivalent but that's a Blog for another day.

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality which can be used for self healing and for others from babies to the elderly, aswell as pets and even plants. There are no limits as to how you can incorporate Reiki into your life. It is important to note that 'we' are not healing anyone as we are simply the channel for the Reiki energy to flow through to assist either our own healing process or that of the person, place, animal, plant etc.

Reiki is a universal life force energy that is available to all of us and creates a relaxing state of being, which assists the body to facilitate healing, to balance the chakras, to clear energy, to raise the vibration, and much more. As a result of the attunements and as any lower vibrational energy clears away and the vibrational frequency raises, it is common to begin accessing more of our intuitive abilities as our energy changes and becomes more sensitive. This varies from person to person and it can be spontaneous or a gradual process.

Reiki is very calming so it is wonderful for reducing stress and anxiety, it is healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and it will assist in clearing energetic blockages that may manifest into physical issues. It helps to bring to the surface what needs to be dealt with, and it opens us up to more of our spiritual side as it clears away what has prevented us tapping more effectively into it.

Earth Star Transmissions provides Reiki Workshops to attune and to teach what you need to know about Reiki in order to start to self heal and to begin using Reiki on your friends, family, pets etc. Many people move on to work as a Reiki Practitioner either as a stand alone service or they use it as an addition to their current profession, for example a Massage Therapist might like to offer Reiki Massage combining Reiki and Massage in one. A Beauty Therapist might like to add it to their services and other Holistic Practitioners often incorporate it in with their services for relaxation and healing.

There are so many ways to bring Reiki into the everyday outside of your healing sessions and your energy alone will affect others once you are attuned as it will begin to vibrate at a higher level which will impact your family and those around you.

If you are interested in Learning Reiki, Book in for our next Reiki Workshop by visiting the link below or you can checkout our Social Media Pages and Send us a Message or Contact Narelle Ph: 0421 461 961 or Email:

I look forward to seeing you

Narelle x

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