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Journal your Way to Happiness

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Journal your Way to Happiness. I began journalling as part of my spiritual development practices. Read more at

I began journalling as part of my spiritual development practices that I incorporated into my days as I was going through the awakening process. Although I had not written much in years I loved to write stories when I was a child and English was always my favourite subject at school. In later years I liked Geography as well as English as I was so curious about other parts of the world and travelling in general, although I had only been on one overseas holiday at that time at the age of 4. That curiosity has not wavered and I often find myself watching cooking shows and travel videos from all corners of the globe. From a very young age I always had a diary in my bedside table that I would write my wishes and secrets in, and more commonly what I had done that day. At the time I didn't realise that I was journalling and if felt more like a special way to write down what I was feeling without anyone else needing to know. Unfortunately that didn't last long as my younger sister would rip pages out of it and sticky tape it to the outside of my bedroom door for all to read. I was mortified when this happened and understood at that moment that there was not going to be any privacy to my writings from that point forward, unless I found a really good hiding place. I love to write, so for me there is no substitute for a pen and paper to write on, or a brand new journal or notebook with a unique cover, however you could do the exact same thing on your Laptop, PC or Mobile Device. There are no rules here.

As a young child of maybe 10 years of age I joined a PenPal exchange and would write to other children from other parts of the world. I had 2 main penpals - a girl named kate from the UK and a boy named Douglas from Africa. It was so exciting to receive their letters in the mail and to hear all about their lives. I wanted to travel so much, but wouldnt travel again until we took a trip to Fiji when my children were very young. Children can gain so much by reading and writing, yet sadly books are taking a back seat to technology through gaming and for unfortunately what some parents deem suitable babysitters. I know the struggle of raising young children, but books are filled with magic, curiosity and feed the imagination like nothing else.

Journalling your way to happiness is easy if you let it be. If we journal from the heart, without holding ourselves back, we begin a journey of healing. Journalling your way to happiness starts with the decision to do so and to commit to the process each and every day. It starts with making a gratitude list that you can build upon and you will notice the list get bigger as you continue with your practice. Next comes forgiveness, listing who you wish to forgive and why. Don't get me wrong, this simplification of the process does not mean the process itself isnt challenging in any way; it is! When we are tapping into our emotions from past hurt, wounds or even abuse it can be very challenging, however, definitely worth it.

Creating some journalling prompts can help you to get started as well if you are unsure what to write about. You might like to ask yourself:

  • Where do I wish to be this time next year?

  • What in my life is no longer serving me?

  • Am I honouring myself in my current situation?

  • Am I being true to myself?

  • How can I be of service?

  • What do I love to do that brings me the most happiness?

  • Am I living in balance in Mind, Body & Spirit?

  • What feels misaligned for me right now?

This is just an example of some ideas to get you started and by asking yourself the pressing questions, you are able to bring to the surface what you may not have realised, or been wanting to face. By doing this you are acknowledging them, thanking them for what you have learned, forgiving anyone, including yourself and allowing it to integrate so that you make space for higher experiences to come into your awareness. Life is about growth and gaining knowledge, wisdom and perspective. All experiences have value, even the challenging ones, especially the challenging ones. When we write our feelings down we can't ignore them any longer and we have the opportunity to transform ourselves as part of the process.

Journalling on a daily basis is a creative outlet and if you begin the practice with a Quick Grounding meditation, to bring you into the present moment and to clear your energy, you will be in a centred space to receive guidance from your higher self. Ask that your higher self assist you in bringing through any guidance on any topic that you might want support with. It can be as simple as what do I need to know now for my highest good? OR even better, ask a specific question.

The great thing about journalling is that you give yourself the opportunity to let go of things that you might have been pushing down or avoiding. Emotions when left unchecked can manifest as dis-ease in our physical bodies. We understimate how powerful emotions can be on our physicality, so avoid holding onto anger, resentment, grief, guilt and any other low vibey stuff. Get it out and onto paper and you will be freeing yourself from the hold it has more than likely had over you, AND as a bonus, you're supporting your physical health. It all starts in our minds, with the thoughts we have, which create the emotion, then that affects the physical body. The more positive the emotion, the more positive the effect on the body and vice versa. Forgive, forgive, forgive! Forgiveness is vital if you want to be happy, because holding onto negative emotions directed at another person, is detrimental to your own well being. What you are sending out into the world comes back to you so send love at all times, even when it might feel impossible to do so. You don't need to forgive the action of another, but forgiving the person frees you from the hold the negative emotions have. It provides a flow of energy that releases you and allows you to move forward. Remember to forgive yourself first and foremost. Were not perfect and were not meant to be perfect. We are living out experiences here so forgive not only others, but forgive YOU!

If you do nothing more than create a Gratitude Journal that you write in every day you will see a shift in your life, though a journal where you are really digging deep and getting to the core of what has held you back from creating your dreams will be truly transformational. If you need to work with a Psychologist for more extreme trauma, then I highly recommend doing so, and you will know if that is you, but generally speaking, simply writing what comes into your mind, what speaks through your heart is valuable and will be very healing. Who knows, it might inspire you to write a book or start your own Blog. You matter, and you have a lot to share with the world. Your experiences may help another person, so be brave and be open. Share your story and speak your truth!

Writing is very therapeutic and journalling creates a great reference point to look back on as you move forward. It creates a marker to show how far you have come and how your experiences have shaped you. Nothing you have experienced has been for nothing. You have wisdom and knowledge to share. Journalling is a lovely way to express yourself and set goals for the future. When you write, you are setting intentions for the life you wish to create and there is no stopping you when you trust in the process and allow yourself to be led toward what you feel drawn to. So write, release, be focused, set intentions and be in a space of love for yourself and see your world change. It all starts on the inside and works its way to the external that you are manifesting in each moment. If you would like to learn more about Journalling and other Spiritual Development Practices that will support you on your journey of transformation then I invite you to join Awaken Your Inner Mystic Online Course. This Course provides practices that you can use throughout your journey whether you just starting out on your spiritual journey or have been on it for years. Implementing foundational tools to guide you on your path is so beneficial and supportive as you progress. You might like to check out 'Living Your Purpose' if you have already completed Awaken your Inner Mystic as it goes more into the journalling process and includes an Ebook 'Journalling to Transformation' - A Year of Loving, Laughing and Letting Go.

Journal what you are feeling, Journal your hopes and dreams, Journal about what lights you up and journal what you wish to create in this ever evolving journey that are the creator of. Journal your way to happiness.

Narelle X

By Narelle Monteleone

Earth Star Transmissions

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