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How to Live in the Moment

Updated: Mar 25

Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

How to Live in the Moment - A blog by Earth Star Transmissions. There is so much power in the present moment. Read more here
The Power of Presence

We are living in a crazy world right now there is no doubt about it. What we once knew to be true of our world is piece by piece unfolding before our very eyes, awakening many which is a very necessary part of this unfoldment.

Disclosure on many levels will be revealed and life as we know it will begin to change. If the last few years has taught us anything, it has taught us that we should never rely on a system to tell us what to do or how to think. We are sovereign beings that are quite capable of thinking for ourselves and creating our own communities that would thrive were they not controlled by systems that have their own agenda. Thinking for ourselves has become a thing of the past and now more than ever we need to bring ourselves into the NOW and trust in our power to make our own decisions. We will gain so much value by learning how to live in the moment. Moment by moment.

We are strong and we are creative beings having a human experience and therefore are able to create new systems; new ways of be-ing and when we work together there is nothing we cannot do. When something has been built on lies, the foundation is rocky, however when it crumbles it can be rebuilt even better. I feel this is where our world is going and although the thought of such change might be terrifying to some who have remained comfortable and happy to do as they are told by outside sources for so long, many are not. The Power of Presence is key to moving through change, especially when that change feels daunting and completely outside of our comfort zone. Mindfulness is a practice that will enable us to feel empowered as we bring ourselves into the present moment throughout our day over and over again. It's tricky at first for some, but as with all practices, repetition will create a habit and how many of us know how difficult changing habits can be. In this case, this habit will serve us well so we want it to become a fully ingrained habit that we can utilise to improve our lives moving forward. When we are present we feel safe - we are not living in the past nor the future and in the present moment everything is as it should be. Even if we have problems, they do not overwhelm us because we are living in this very moment and as we take a breath we are also in this very moment and so on and so on. As we move throughout our day we do not look ahead, and we do not look behind, only in this very moment. Presence or mindfulness is powerful and as we remain present, we are clearer of mind, we are more connected of spirit and we are more in touch with our body as we are tuned into the here and now, the essence of what it is to be right here, right now.

Now, know that at first this might feel different as we are generally living in the past or worrying about the future for most of the day, letting our thoughts control our very existence. Our ego loves to keep us down by telling us how not good enough we are, or that everyone is going to laugh at us if we do a, b or c. I urge you to ignore the ego when negative thoughts are thrown your way. Of course the ego does serve a purpose, or we would not have one. Our ego does keep us safe in certain cirumstances. It stops us leaping off the top of buildings thinking we are invincible and can fly for instance, and it keeps us in check if we are getting a bit too big for our boots, but the downside of it is it can stop us from ever trying anything new for fear of failure, or of what others might think, or we might just not feel we can achieve it because our ego has made us feel small and told us over and over again that we can't do it.

When you hear these thoughts, stop and ask yourself "Is this really true?" and you will know by how it sounds. Is it Positive or Negative? Does it benefit your life or take away from your experience? Are you able to achieve your desires if you listen to what is being said, or does it hinder your progress? Take the time to listen, to feel in your body whether these thoughts are positive or negative. Trust what you feel and then kindly ask the ego to step aside because you are your own best guide and you know what is best for you. If it is something dangerous then definitely listen to your ego telling you to stop, however, if you know in your heart you wish to pursue something that will enhance your life and support your spiritual and personal growth then don't let your ego hold you back. This is where being present as often as possible will support you. When we are living a mindful experience we are more in tune with what's going on around and within us and our inner world is creating our outer one with every thought, feeling, emotion and action, so everything is connected.

The more we can learn how to live in the moment, the more we gain from conversations with others and the more others gain from us.

When we give our time and attention to others and as a result are really listening to what someone else has to say our conversations and relationships deepen. How many times do people talk to you and you politely nod or respond to them, but your mind is somewhere else? We run on auto pilot so often throughout the day and don't want to appear rude by ignoring people who wish to engage with us but we are often not even there in that moment. Our energy is somewhere completely different - maybe still in the past connected to a traumatic experience or thinking about all the 'what ifs' of life. Think about how you feel when you know deep down someone is not really listening but just answering half heartedly out of courtesy? We all do it from time to time because we are so distracted. Our thoughts distract us, our phones distract us, our ego distracts us.

So take the first step if you feel called to live a richer and more meaningful Earthly experience and free yourself from those nagging thoughts that are filling your head and replace them with nothing. Allow your current experience to unfold moment by moment. Breathe deeply and repeat "there is only NOW!" "there is only NOW!" "there is only NOW!" Repetition, practice and trust will create this habit of being present, being mindful, being in the now. As you move through your day be fully present and engaged in each and every task you undertake whether that be making your bed, doing housework, talking with family and friends, or even when watching a movie. Be fully 'IN' the moment and as your mind wanders, and it most certainly will, gently guide it back over and over again as there is only now. Take note of how you feel at the end of the day and how much more you accomplished. How much more you enjoyed engaging with others and if it felt different to how it usually does. Notice if you felt any inspiration or new ideas pop into your head that maybe it was too busy to receive prior. If our head is filled with too much clutter it's hard to receive guidance from our Higher Selves who are connecting with us all the time ensuring we are on track.

Meditation is an amazing tool for coming into a state of presence and I highly recommend it if you have not yet tried it.

Meditation is a wonderful mindfulness practice that brings us into presence over and over again. The more we can live in a state of presence, the more clarity of mind, the more easily guided we will be and the more we will flow with the Universe.

You can begin with guided meditation if it feels easier then simply sitting and breathing but go with whatever feels right for you. There are no rules when it comes to meditation though I do recommend grounding to begin with which is simply connecting to the Earth, to the here and now and then bringing light down through your body. This is a quick easy practice to lift your energetic vibration.

Wishing you all the best on your journey back to presence.

Narelle x

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