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Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Most of us didn't grow up going to Healers aside from the traditional Medical Healers or as we know them - Doctors. I hadn't even heard of Energy Healing when I was first introduced to Reiki. It definitely sparked enough interest in me however to research what Reiki was and upon doing so immediately booked in to be attuned to Reiki Level 1 without knowing much at all aside from what I had briefly read online.

Without even having experienced it myself I had decided I needed to learn to heal through energy. Talk about being divinely guided. I didn't fully understand how this worked by the way, but I was curious about it and excited to try something new.

Reiki. An amazing energy healing modality that is beneficial for everyone. Read more on this blog and others at

At this time I was working in a job that I hated and quite honestly, it was one of a string of many I had undertaken, mainly out of necessity because I needed part time work to fit in around family. I had been searching my entire working life for that 'great job' that was going to be right for me, or at the very least, one that I didn't despise. I had worked in various fields, mostly customer service based and in hindsight the one thing that I always felt from doing that type of work was that I got enjoyment from helping people. I didnt however find the workplace environment rewarding or joyful in any way, so in the midst of a Spiritual Awakening, suffering extreme Anxiety constantly, along with alot of other crazy things happening, I quit. I knew I had to or I was going to end up sick. I had thankfully learned Reiki 1 at this stage so through Meditation daily and self healing with Reiki, I became more relaxed and over time did not suffer any Anxiety at all.

I personally believe that Anxiety tends to be present in sensitive people who are feeling alot but aren't aware that what they are feeling is not theirs, and in fact energy being picked up from everyone else. Everything is energy and although we may not see it with our physical eyes, we are interacting with energy all day, every day. If we are aware of this then it is easier to discern what is and what is not our energy but until that time comes, which by the way is made possible through energy work such as Reiki and Seichim and many other healing modalities, it can feel completely overwhelming. Doctors will tell you that you are suffering Anxiety or Depression and I am not negating theses possibilities at all, because there are many many factors that play a role in these conditions but I have seen this occurrence a lot with my clients and have experienced it first hand for myself. Obviously PTSD and Trauma are a different set of circumstances but I am talking about feeling Anxious and overwhelmed without cause.

So what I am trying to convey is that Reiki is very powerful and although the transformation may not be evident overnight, it does happen. If you are consistent and dedicated to your healing practice then change will occur. This is from the perspective of the healer who has learned Reiki and I understand that not everyone may feel drawn to Learn Reiki. If you just love receiving healing that is fine too. Having Reiki Sessions with a Practitioner is also amazing but if you are truly dedicated to your own healing journey and feel called to help others then Reiki is a wonderful modality to have. It has been known to activate intuitive abilities aswell, as it is a catalyst for spiritual growth and I have seen this with many of my clients.

Reiki is handed down through a series of Attunements from Reiki Master to student and is an Ancient practice. Working with the Chakra System, Reiki shifts what may be holding you back, balances and uplifts, and is Universal Life Force energy that can be accessed by anyone wishing to do so. As Reiki uses a set of symbols for specific purposes it enhances this energy but you can certainly call on Spiritual energy at any time for healing. As a Reiki Master Teacher and Seichim Master Teacher I use both healing modalities in my Sessions. I find using both to be a great balance of Masculine and Feminine energy. The wonderful thing about Energy Healing is that as you provide a Healing for another person you also receive some of the Reiki energy as it is channelled through the practitioners body. Reiki is above all beautifully relaxing and many clients are so relaxed they doze off during sessions. It is a time to rest, to heal and to receive. Reiki is great for animals too and can be used on babies all the way up to the elderly. It is hard to verbalise Reiki so it is definitely something you need to try for yourself. We all have a different experience when we receive healing as we are all unique.

Some of the most common experiences are:

  • Feeling relaxed

  • Feeling energy

  • Feeling cold or warm

  • Seeing colours

  • Feeling very light as though you could lift off the massage table

  • Being taken on a journey

  • Seeing images

  • Feeling loved ones that have passed away with you

Although still considered an 'alternative' healing system, Reiki is now being used in some hospitals overseas so it is slowly becoming acknowledged by the mainstream as a very beneficial tool for healing.

Narelle x

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