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Benefits of Group Meditation

By Narelle Monteleone of Earth Star Transmissions

Are you stressed and anxious on a regular basis? Do you find yourself wanting to avoid social situations because it all feels too overwhelming? Do you simply want some relaxation and to feel more calm throughout your day?

Group Meditation Classes at Earth Star Transmissions
Group Meditation at Earth Star Transmissions

If the answer is Yes, then you may benefit from Group Meditation.

This isn't the first i've written about the benefits of Meditation and learning more about energy, but this time I am focusing more on Group Meditation. The reason for that is I am just so passionate about supporting others to incorporate more of these tools into their everyday lives because I have experienced first hand how tools such as Meditation and Energy Healing support us as we navigate this earthly experience. I think we can all agree that Earth isn't an easy place to be sometimes, but we do have everything we need within us to move through it in a balanced and joyful way, and we chose to be here to help in the ascension of Mother Gaia even if sometimes we wish we were anywhere else. These tools are intuitive, magical if you like, and we all have them, even if we are not yet utilising them.

We each have the ability to heal ourselves and our intuitive guidance, if we are listening will guide us in the direction we need to find the areas of study that will benefit us even more, the people who will be for our highest good to connect with, the places that we should travel to and so on. Nothing happens by chance!

Everything is energy and we are in constant contact with the energy of everything around us. Energy is not something to fear, although it can feel overwhelming if we don't understand what is happening in the moment, and it can cause us to want to retreat from the world as a safety mechanism. I have certainly felt that.

If you are sensitive to energy it can manifest as anxiety when you come into contact with the energy of those you cross paths with throughout your day. For example, what if someone you work with is going through a really chaotic period in their life and you are someone who picks up on the energy of others whether you are aware of this or not, and you are interacting with them daily? Unless you have set some energetic boundaries, you could also be feeling the same emotions that they are. You might not understand what is happening and likely it will feel like these are your emotions. You might be confused as to why you feel so emotional or angry, or sad and it can be easy to fall into victim mode. Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this? You might feel that you have mental health issues when in reality, you are a sensitive energetic being having a human experience with a strong ability to feel the energy of others. You are a Healer!

The reality is we are changing all of the time, and the events that occur in our lives have an impact on us not only emotionally, mentally and physically, but also energetically. Learning how to work with our energy is something that is really beneficial. You can do this through many different modalities, and for me it began with Meditation, then Reiki.

I recommend Meditation to everyone and I mean everyone. Kids can really benefit from meditating, especially those who have been labelled with ADHD etc. These are sensitive children and meditation and energy healing can be helpful. Meditation and Breathwork, which is also amazing are tools we can use anywhere to bring us into balance quickly.

Meditating and Breathwork are transformative tools that empower us to rebalance our energy whenever we feel the need and the more we work with energy healing such as Reiki, the more in tune we become with what is our energy and what belongs to someone else.

Meditation might not feel really easy to begin with, especially your first few times. We all have those thoughts that jump in to our minds and distract us when we start to meditate, but please don't let that stop you. It is just a small hurdle that you can easily overcome and the benefits will far outweigh the effort you put in initially. We all experience that in the start and it can discourage you from wanting to continue but I do hope you will stick with it and give it a chance. You will come to a point in time where it just happens and you will be so happy you persevered. It is akin to learning to drive a manual. You think you'll never get it then all of a sudden, it just clicks. Meditation will bring you what you are ready for and it will become a safe space that you enter to find the answers to any question you ever have, to veer you in the direction of your soul's mission and to bring you into a state of equillibrium time and again.

The world we are a part of is not always smooth sailing, however utilising the tools we have such as Meditation, Energy Work, Crystals, Herbs, Plants etc, ensure we are each equipped with what we need to rebalance, to connect to our higher selves, providing a higher view point of every situation and to 'feel' what is true for us and what just doesn't feel right.

Meditation is the gateway to our higher selves, to spirit and to understanding more of our multidimensionality and the Universe as a whole. It has been used since ancient times and for a long time has been depicted in a way that like many other things in life have been kept as something separate from the masses, something only done by pot smoking hippies in the 70s or monks perched high upon a mountain top. It is finally becoming something that is within the consciousness of humanity now as a way to relax, to connect to a higher source and its wonderful to see it being used in childcare centres and some schools. If we all meditated daily, the world would be a completely different place. Lets start today!

Benefits of Group Meditation are plentiful, though in my opinion the main ones are as follows:

  • The energy is amplified when meditating with others as we are all energy

  • You are less likely to get fidgety and distracted and give up

  • You get to share your experiences if you feel you want to

  • You are guided on a journey by a teacher so all you need to do is follow along

  • You are connecting with like minded people

  • You feel safe

  • You learn more as you can discuss your experiences and ask questions

  • You have a new hobby that gets you out of the house if it is an in person class

  • You are incorporating a new spiritual and wellness practice into your life

  • You are more likely to stick with it if you are attending a group session

There are of course so many health and wellbeing benefits to meditating regularly and I encourage you to do some research. You might be suprised just how fantastic Meditation can be.

If you would like to begin your meditation journey or to continue it in a group setting, You can contact Narelle Monteleone at Earth Star Transmissions with any questions you may have or to Book in to our upcoming Group Meditation starting Monday 6th May at 7pm use the Booking Link Below. If you prefer Guided Meditation outside of a group class you can checkout some of my pre-recorded meditations here or Book a Session with me via

Narelle Monteleone is a Holistic Counsellor, Reiki & Seichim Teacher, Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner (BQH), Flower Essence Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher & Channel providing In Person & Online Sessions. Narelle created Earth Star Transmissions as a space of Healing & Transformation for those on the journey of Awakening and to empower others to access their inner mystic and live a more soul led life. Earth Star Transmissions offers Courses, Workshops, Ebooks & Products.

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