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Enjoy the Process!

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

You get an idea in your head, something you would like to do or have AND you want it right now. I get it, patience isn't my strong suit either. The thing is, we live in a society where we CAN have almost anything we want instantaneously and that is very convenient when it comes to ordering take away or receiving a package we ordered only a few hours earlier.

However, this can lead us into a negative trap of taking everything for granted and rushing through life from one self gratifying activity to the next. It can lead to us being judgemental of ourselves, feeling that maybe somehow we have not tried hard enough when what we want doesn't just fall in our laps on demand.

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During a meditation recently the message I received was 'Enjoy the Process!' All too often we are projecting our thoughts into the future instead of just being in the current moment. If we could only stop and realise that if we slow things down just a little, we can enjoy where we are right now. I understand that it can feel like time is running out, because there is a sense of time speeding up, however, where we are at any given moment is right where we are supposed to be. There is time! We can change course if we don't feel we are where we wish to be, through our thoughts, actions, beliefs and by becoming a vibrational match to the frequency required to attain our desired outcome, but we do need to relax and give ourselves a break - an opportunity to live organically in each moment, valuing the experiences we have chosen to take part in that we will likely miss if we are not in the here and now. We tend to miss the good stuff when we jump from one thing to the next and think too far ahead about the end goal. Think about how most people react when they see a butterfly flying past. They pause! They are in awe of it's gracefulness and they connect it with something magical, something pure. This is the feeling you want to tap into as much as possible. Noticing the magic all around you, which ultimately resides within everyone of us.

We've all heard the saying 'it's about the journey not the destination' but hearing it, and acknowledging it isn't the same as actively living by it. As we continue to rush through life trying to fit in as much as possible, feeling as though we are somehow failing at life if we are not constantly doing 'something' and achieving 'greatness' the more depleted we become. The more we take on, the more pressure we put upon ourselves, which in turn creates stress, and in this state of being, we are definitely not enjoying the process. In order to create, we must be in the right space - one of calm and openness. Nothing kills creativity like stress can. To be in the moment we must completely let go of everything else other than 'NOW'. When we notice 'NOW' we are appreciative - grateful for what we DO have, negating the need for more surplus (fill in the blank space) that we only end up re-selling or throwing away when we realise we never needed it in the first place, or the bright and shiny appeal wore off before the final payment had even been made.

We can stop and smell the roses, literally, and bare witness to the wonder that surrounds us - This is the space in which creativity thrives, the space in which inspiration enters and enables us to feel into what it is we truly wish to create. Maybe the 9-5 drudgery isn't all there is to life after all, and maybe you have always felt drawn to do something different but didn't know what that would look like. Through pausing, allowing yourself to be open and detached from auto-pilot, you will gain insight - the answers will come and you will be in a place of balance.

Enjoying the process doesn't mean we detach from life, but it does mean we should be more aware of each moment and notice what we might normally miss when we rush madly from one task to the next without stopping for breath. When we live this way we may not even be breathing properly. Something to try when you do begin to actively work on becoming more mindful aka present aka in the NOW is to take notice of your breathing and just observe it. Is it shallow, is it a deep breath? Our breathing has an impact on how we feel, and our health overall. It affects our immunity, our posture, causing pain in our necks and shoulders, headaches and can even lead to cardiovascular problems, and how relaxed or stressed we feel. Shallow breathing can also induce panic attacks so the way in which we breathe is important. Once you have taken note of how you breathe, take a few slow long deep breaths inhaling through your nose, then exhaling through your mouth. You will notice a difference in how you feel as deep breathing relaxes you, lowers your heart rate and has many health benefits. If you are an instant gratification person then this is for you because the relaxation induced by this type of breathing is instantaneous. Give it a try and remember that any time that you feel out of balance, you need to pause, re-focus, be present and then you will be ready to create what it is you desire and take that next step forward.

Narelle x

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