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Energetic Hygiene

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone ~

Tips for staying Clear & Balanced

Energetic Hygiene Blog by Earth Star Transmissions. Tips for staying clear and balanced.

What is Energetic Healing?

We all know that in order to be healthy we need to take care of ourselves. This involves looking after our physical vessel - our body aswell as our mental health. What we aren’t generally made aware of is that everything is energy and we ourselves ARE energy.

We may look from our current 3d perspective to be solid but we are in fact energy vibrating at varying rates of frequency.

Our energetic health is just as important as our physical and mental health and it should be included as an integral part of our daily routine. If one aspect is out of balance then it will create imbalance in other areas of our life. We are, after all energetic beings having a physical experience and everything is connected. As energetic beings we are constantly interacting with other energies throughout our day. We generally may not notice the effects of this but at times you might notice you feel drained in the company of certain people or suddenly feel emotional for no reason after talking to someone. On the upside, you may feel amazing and uplifted in the company of certain people or environments. Nature is a perfect example of this. It energizes us and helps to rebalance our energy. The more sensitive you are, the more it will affect you. Bringing light from Source/The Universe/God/Goddess down through your body and into the Earth below then back up and around you forming a bubble or egg shaped dome, setting the intention that only love and positivity enter this space will help you. Do this daily at least. Energy can never be destroyed, however it can be transformed. It can change through transmutation into a higher vibration from a lower vibration.

So what exactly is Energetic Hygiene?

Energetic Hygiene as the name suggests is all about keeping our energy clean or clear. Just as we keep our physical body clean we too need to pay attention to the state our energy is in. Our energy has an effect on us just as our physicality does, only most of us can’t see this energy so it requires us to be more tuned in and to switch off from using our physical eyes and to use our inner compass or intuition. If we sustain a physical injury, we are less able to perform our everyday functions. So too, when our energy is not maintained, we may not be feeling on top of our game. It is something to factor in to each and every day just as we would with our physical maintenance. For those who work with energy on a regular basis such as Energy Healers, Massage Therapists, Kinesiologists etc, it becomes second nature to feel what is going on with one’s energy, but for those who do not work with energy or are not as sensitive to feeling what is happening with their energy there are some signs that may indicate that your energy needs some attention.

1. You feel spaced out or dizzy

2. You have a bad vibe

3. You don't feel your usual self

4. You are having negative thoughts

5. You are having nightmares

6. You are getting sick alot

7. You are lacking direction

8. You have trouble making decisions

9. You are feeling drained of energy

These are just some of the more common indicators but there are others and you know yourself better than anyone else, so listen to your intuition and if you are feeling your energy is a bit ‘off’ then it probably is. It's nothing to worry about, but it is important to take some measures to ensure you are not depleted.

Energy is very important to every facet of our existence. WE are energy and we draw toward us that which we are a match to. The Law of Attraction works though attracting what we put out into the Universe through thoughts, visualisation, action, affirmations etc. The Law of Vibration is similar in that it is all about drawing to us the exact frequency that we are vibrating at so energy becomes very important as you can see. We attract what we are.

Our emotions - the feelings that we experience determine what shows up for us. This is what we need to master in order to manifest effectively. Energy and vibration are key. When we live from our heart space, what we desire flows toward us more easily.

Our energy determines our experiences so the higher your vibrational frequency, the higher the level of your experience. It is definitely worthwhile putting in the time and effort to achieve a high state of being in order to live above any low vibe energy. It will still find its way into your life at times as we all have lessons and experiences that we need to work through – we contracted these prior to coming into this lifetime, however there will be less negativity and more positivity if you commit to a regular routine of working on your energy. Standing in your power and feeling okay with saying ‘NO’ to things that don’t feel right is important in setting energetic boundaries with others. People pleasing and feeling guilty about not doing something you don’t want to do is just a waste of energy. You need to come first. We have been conditioned to feel guilty if we take time out for 'JUST' us, to relax or to do the things that bring us joy. This is necessary time out that everyone needs to make space for in their schedule.

Many people are waking up at this time due to the current pressures that have been placed upon humanity. This begins a journey of healing, of expansion and of shedding layers that have built up throughout your life. As you awaken, many things change over time, either suddenly or gradually. You will start to let go of what is not in alignment with your energy. Self love is what is most important and releasing the need to be anything other than who you truly are at your essence. You are winding your way back to wholeness by realising your truth.
How to practice Energetic Hygiene?

To begin to become more sensitive to your body’s needs, I highly recommend Meditation on a daily basis. Meditation aside from being very relaxing uplifts your energy, raising your vibration which in turn will match you to more of what you wish for and less of what you don’t. Meditation is a mindfulness practice so it will make it easier for you to focus throughout your day moment to moment. It is also the perfect way to clear your energy daily.

1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth

2. Breathe at your normal pace now and focus all of your attention onto your feet imagining your feet fully connected to the ground below you now

3. Imagine from the centre of the Earth a golden ball of light moving up through all of the layers of the Earth and entering the soles of your feet then flowing upward through your whole body and exiting out the top of your head and flowing back around forming a bubble of protective light around your whole body.

4. Next, imagine, see, feel or just know there is a huge white ball of light above your head that flows down in through the top (crown) of your head and fills you up completely with this high vibrational Source energy. This energy heals you, uplifts you and releases anything from your physical body and from your Auric field surrounding your body that you no longer need to carry. Anything that is not for your highest good.

5. Imagine it flowing all the way down through your body and into Mother Earth where it can be transmuted into positive energy and used for the highest good of all.

6. Do this as often as you feel you need to. Daily as a minimum but you can do it multiple times a day if need be. If you are very ungrounded this will help you.

Self Healing

If you are Reiki or Seichim attuned or use any other Energy Healing modality you will be familiar with hands on self healing. If not, you can still practice self healing. The difference is you will not be using symbols and will not have been initiated. You can give healing to yourself by simply setting the intention to do so, placing your hands on your body or just above and asking that Universal Life Force Energy flow through you. Intention is very powerful and trusting in it is key.

1. Lay or sit comfortably

2. Close your eyes and focus on your feet, feeling the energy build there and imagine that tree roots are beginning to extend out from the soles of your feet and travelling all the way down into the centre of the Earth and attaching there so that you are fully connected to Mother Earth

3. Breathe at your normal pace and in your mind ask that Universal Life Force Energy come down through you now in order to give yourself a healing for your highest good

4. Place your hands on or just above your body – a good place to start is one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach

5. Feel the energy come down through the top of your head and flow into your hands and all through your body. You might feel tingling or pressure at your head but if not don’t worry. It’s working regardless. Everyone is different

6. As you do this you may like to scan your body starting at the top of your head and feeling the light slowly move down into your head and down through each part of your body. Notice if you see, feel, hear or just know if anything is out of balance in each section as you scan your entire body moving all the way down to your feet. If you are familiar with Chakras you can tune into each one as you go

7. Whatever you feel is right, and just observe without judging or trying to control any of it - surrender

8. When you are finished simply give thanks for the healing and ask that the energy recede back to Source

9. You can do this as often as you like and it will assist in grounding you, shifting any low vibe energy and will uplift your vibrational frequency

Ways to Keep your Energy in Check

1. Take a bath with Epsom salts or Zeolite Minerals once a week or more if you feel guided

2. Exercise regularly

3. Do Yoga

4. Listen to Guided Meditation – specifically Grounding & Chakra Clearings

5. Get out in Nature regularly – everyday if possible

6. Make sure you are getting sunshine every day

7. Maintain a positive mindset

8. Minimise contact with anyone or anything that you know lowers your mood

9. De-clutter – Home, Car, Relationships

10. Do what you love on a regular basis. Make time for it. You matter!

11. Use crystals on your body either by wearing them or placing one in your pocket. Use them in your home

12. Bring nature inside through flowers and plants

13. Keep a cat – they are good at absorbing negative energy and taking it outside

14. Hang a high vibrational artwork on your wall

15. Wear clothes that are bright and make you feel happy

16. Use vibrational essences to help to shift emotional patterns

17. Use essential oils throughout your home

18. Take note of what you are eating. The more natural and as close to it’s original state as possible, the higher the frequency

19. Drink lots of water, get into water, listen to the sound of water, look at the water. Water is super cleansing on all levels

20. Use herbs eg. Sage/Palo Santo throughout your home to clear any dense energy.

21. Keep your space clean. That can be your home, office, car or anywhere you spend time.

22. Practice Gratitude and forgive others – this includes you. We tend to be harder on ourselves than anyone else.

23. Try to view all your experiences from a higher perspective. When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, stop and take a breath before diving into a solution.

24. Set boundaries

25. Journalling

I provide Healing Sessions to Clear and Balance your Energy. Light Language for Healing & Activation and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing). I am a Holistic Counsellor, Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner and Reiki & Seichim Master Teacher. I provide Sessions in Meditation, Workshops in Levels 1 – Master Teacher Usui Reiki and Seichim, Intuitive Development Courses and Workshops and products for Healing and Transformation.

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