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Earth Temple

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Earth Temple. The Earth is just as much a part of us as we are of here. All is connected. Read more blogs here

The earth is just as much a part of us as we are of her so with that in mind I feel it’s time to send out a reminder, a gentle nudge to one and all to respect, care for and love our beautiful Gaia and to pay the same respect, care and love to ourselves.

She is our Earth Temple!

Without her we do not exist so embrace the natural world, spend time among the trees, lakes, oceans, mountains and meadows, then exit without a trace of your existence ever having been there. Leave her as she was when you ventured into her depths. Tread so lightly that it is as though you were never ever there.

The Earth feeds us in so many ways, through regenerating us, cleansing us, nourishing us and yet many still have such a disconnection to her that they treat the Earth like a dumping ground. I witness this daily right outside my home and when I go into nature am truly saddened by the amount of rubbish left behind. Please take your rubbish home with you and put it in your own garbage bin. If you see rubbish as you go about your day, please pick it up and dispose of it even though it’s not yours. What you give, you receive multiplied so view it as a random act of kindness you are doing for Gaia and Humanity. It doesn’t take much to bend down and pick something up and place it in the bin.

We each need to do our part in keeping our Earth healthy and the more time you can spend outside enjoying the beauty of Mother Earth, the less likely you will be to destroy her through lack of awareness of the damage being done, the more you will understand that everything is connected and what you do to another, you are doing to yourself and that if we continue treating the Earth in this way she will not be sustained and therefore we will not be sustained. The Earth is changing and as a result so too are we. All is one.

It is possible to shift our perception and view the world in a different way when we take time to immerse ourselves in the natural world. Nature provides us with all we need along with calming us and rebalancing our system. We are Mind, Body & Spirit and all must be in harmony in order to maintain good health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our physical body is an amazing vessel that thrives on clean air, clean water, high vibrational foods and natural products.

Chemicals damage our bodies just as they damage the Earth. What are you absorbing? What are you consuming? Stop for a moment and think about what you are pouring down your sink, into your toilets and drains. What are you cleaning your home with? Everything matters. We were taught to use these toxic products to clean our homes, to clean our bodies, to wash our hair, to heal our wounds and illnesses, but as we can see there are so many imbalances in the human body now, so many allergies, so many auto immune diseases and more and more chemicals being introduced into our lives. You only need to turn on the tv and within a few mins we have been subjected to advertisements for various pharmaceuticals and chemicals. We are continuously being programmed to use certain products, buy certain foods, take certain medicines and so on. Turn the TV off and see how quickly you feel less stressed and anxious.

Retreat into nature and see how quickly you feel calm and de-stressed.

We have everything we need to heal and to thrive. I am not saying we should never seek medical advice. Of course there are certain circumstances that do require medical intervention though I feel we have the capability to heal many imbalances ourselves through tuning into our bodies more, listening to the signs and using what nature provides to rebalance.

Listen to your body, listen to your gut. Your intuition is your guide, your radar to alert you to what is good for you and what is not good for you. Before ingesting or taking an injection or pharmaceutical ask your intuition or higher self “Is this good for me, my child, my pets?” Before pouring weed killer into your garden, into the Earth ask the same. Remember that anything poured down the sink ends up in our oceans and waterways. Anything you pour into the Earth is being absorbed by the Earth. We need to become more in tune with our temple, our body, and just as importantly the Earth Temple.

Some Natural Alternatives

Cleaning Surfaces

  • Mix equal parts Vinegar and Water together in a spray bottle and use on all surfaces instead of chemical sprays. Add a few drops of lemon essential oils for a fresh scent throughout your home.

For the Bathroom

  • Add bicarb soda to the above recipe

  • Use cloth washcloths that you can wash and reuse rather than one use disposable washing sponges and/or dish cloths.

  • Use a reusable cloth to go over wet surfaces to dry rather than using paper towel. When you are finished throw in the washing machine and hang out to dry. This will save money and the planet.

In the Kitchen

  • Cook from scratch as much as you can. We have become very conditioned to use what is convenient rather than healthy so go back to basics, grab some recipes and start cooking.

  • Meal prep and freeze food ahead of time so you still have convenience.

  • Anything that comes in a packet is processed. If it can stay on the shelf for months at a time you can be pretty sure it’s got chemicals in there to prolong it’s life, enhance it’s flavour and so on.

  • Try to stay away from processed foods as much as you can.

  • Buy the best quality food you can. If you can’t buy Organic, buy Free Range, Grass fed meat, Free range chicken etc.

  • If you are vegetarian buy quality ingredients or better yet plant some of your own in your backyard, balcony, in pots or whatever you have. You don’t need a lot of space.

  • Compost to reduce kitchen waste and feed your garden.

  • Before you eat or drink bless it. This raises the vibe of what you are about to put into your body.

For your Body

  • Instead of spraying perfume on your body, switch to essential oil blends mixed with a natural carrier oil. They smell amazing and are filled with health benefits for mind, body & spirit. You can also use Vibrational Essences comprised of Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Crystals & Water. These also make great room sprays.

  • Use more natural products on your body such as natural toothpaste that has the fluoride reduced or removed or make your own (remember fluoride calcifies your third eye) as well as drinking water that is distilled or purified.

Small steps over time make a huge difference and if we all take part in healing and loving ourselves and the Earth, imagine what a shift we can create.

There is so much information to learn about natural healing products online, herbs, flowers, plants and more and of course energetic healing methods. You will find a lot of free information simply by doing a search. There is literally a herb or plant for anything you could imagine. Nature has provided all that we need but always be sure to check with a professional Naturopath or Herbalist before ingesting anything you are not sure about.

Narelle x

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is not intended to replace any medical advice. Always seek advice from a professional before using plants or herbs for healing.

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