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Dark Night of the Soul

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

They don't call it the Dark Night of the Soul for nothing. There are many theories around this topic and some will say there's no such thing, however I beg to differ.

Dark Night of the Soul Blog by Narelle Monteleone of Earth Star Transmissions

What is the Dark Night of the Soul?

It is an aptly named process that tends to cross paths with the Awakening Journey and at some point when you least expect it, will rear its ugly head. It may occur more than once, but I can only speak to my experiences and of the similarities to others'. The Dark Night of the Soul is a time of life falling apart, crumbling if you will all around us. We may feel as though we have hit rock bottom and all feels hopeless. We might be experiencing grief or illness or going through a relationship breakdown or some other type of major life event. It is difficult and it feels as though all hope is lost. If you have ever had a Tarot Reading you will be familiar with the Tower Card. This is the Dark Night of the Soul.

It can be connected with a major life event, though other times it can be a string of experiences that bring us to a place of feeling lost, without direction or purpose. You know what they say however, when you've hit rock bottom there's only one way to go and that is up. The awakening process can be activated by this state of being once our soul decides it is time and we fully surrender to whatever is to come next. We surrender to something higher in an attempt to be lifted out of the darkness as we are made to face our shadow head on.

As we awaken and begin to view the world through a new lens, we see that there is so much to appreciate and be thankful for in every moment and that we are more than our physicality. This is when the true journey really begins - one of healing, one of recognising the patterns that have not served us very well, the belief systems we have lived by and the programming we have been subjected to. It is a process that requires patience, committment, trust and discernment, forgiveness, love and compassion.

To surrender to a soul led experience, is to be prepared to abandon all that no longer serves this new version of who you are being birthed into. You may be leaving behind people you have known your entire life, a career that has given you financial freedom and success, all in the pursuit of living a life that is in alignment with your mission - the mission you came here to fulfill on this planet, at this time. We have many incarnations in many different places, times, realms as we are multidimensional beings. We are each living out a multitude of possibilities in this very moment and sometimes that can be a lot to integrate, especially initially so be gentle with yourself as you traverse the realisations that are coming into your awareness.

The Dark Night of the Soul is a teacher that will show you what is not working in your life and what needs to be discarded and as you begin to step onto your spiritual path, your healing journey will begin, whether it is a healing path you are being led toward or otherwise. Healing will always be a part of the journey regardless of what is calling you. For example, if you feel drawn to support others through becoming a Counsellor, you too will heal as you are supporting others. The simple act of giving of yourself to help another person is healing. The more you focus on self healing as you venture through the Awakening process, the more you will be in the flow and on track to aligning with your highest timeline. You will also be given access to the abilities you brought into this world that you may or may not yet be tapping into.

There are so many roads to take in what feels like such little time, but you do have time and what needs to be a part of your life will be. This is true for learning, friends, romantic relationships, work, creativity etc. You will be guided toward what is for you and whatever keeps nudging you is usually a good indicator that it is meant to a part of your experience. Maybe not forever, but for a time. Another way of knowing if something is in our best interest is simply the fact that we feel like we want to try it. There is a reason we feel connected with certain modalities above others and I personally feel we can never have too many tools in our toolbelt. Some of our lessons will bring us experiences that aren't positive, but in hindsight we usually recognise the power in the wisdom that we gain. Certain experiences provide another depth of knowledge that will be relevant at some point and our soul tribe will begin to connect with us through various ways. It is important to have like minded friends to share all of these experiences with both positive and negative, just to know you're not alone and that everything you are going through is totally 'normal' and natural. You can question yourself at times so it is really important that you have people who just 'get you' and can remind you that you're not nuts after all. Grounding is very important at all stages of the journey and I find that anxiety is a common symptom of highly sensitive souls. If you are often anxious without any real reason for it, spend time in nature and make sure to ground every day, particularly if you are someone prone to out of body experiences or if you are an empath.

Now, as I am writing this I feel the need to convey the relevance here not only on an individual level, but collectively, as everything that I have mentioned in terms of The Dark Night of The Soul also occurs on a larger scale. Think about the major events that have happened and continue to happen throughout our world. When a major event such as war is happening, that part of the world is experiencing a Dark Night of The Soul, and not only the people living there but the animals, the Earth, all inhabitants, and that filters out across the planet and creates a ripple effect in the very fabric of our existence. The Earth is a living being, just as we are and is affected, anytime there is a disruption to the natural world.

We are in such times once more where life is being disrupted and many people are waking up in response to these imbalances. We are not helpless however, and there is always a way to bring not only ourselves but the Earth into balance once more. It starts with each and every one of us taking responsibility for our own lives, and not being so dependent upon external means to provide our daily needs. We can each grow food and we can each learn how to cook meals from scratch. We can each think for ourselves and we can each discern what feels true and what does not through our internal guidance system aka our intuition. We can implement daily practices that strengthen this internal radar known as our intuition so that we know without a doubt if something feels true or not. We can raise our energetic vibration to a higher state so that we are accessing our higher selves and living life from a more aware state of being. We can each make our bodies a priority and ensure we are moving everyday, drinking clean water and eating 'real' food and avoiding the packaged junk on the shelves at the grocery store.

Our bodies are highly sensitive and as such are able to self heal given the right conditions. Through energy healing we can shift the frequency within a room and through the Earth when we are intentional about doing so. Sending healing to the Earth has an effect, particularly when done by many. If we each sent the Earth healing then what a difference we could make. Begin now, begin on yourself by creating easy practices that strengthen your intuition, that bring about a more mindful way of living moment to moment, that raise your frequency and that activate what is ready to awaken within you. When you learn Reiki and other healing modalities you provide yourself with lifelong tools to support you on your journey of becoming all that you came here to be and to gain a deeper understanding of the abilities you have within you to shift out of any lower vibrational frequencies at any time. This doesn't mean that you will never have to deal with any negative experiences, but it is empowering to have tools to use that support you in living a more intentional experience that is joyful and abundant and that recognises all the beauty this world has to offer. We chose to be here to support humanity and Earth through this period in time and what a time it is. So to finish up I would like to leave with this....Everything we experience has a purpose, even the most devastating ones and in every moment we have a choice as to how we will respond to what is happening in our reality. Will we choose to respond from love or fear or do we need to respond at all and what if we were to move into a state of neutrality in which we are at the zero point field and in a state of non attachment, simply be-ing. Always come into the heart and you will be where you need to be, everytime.

Be Well!

Grand Rising!

Narelle X

Narelle Monteleone is a Spiritual Teacher, Channel & Healer providing Reiki & Seichim Attunements, Goddess Workshops, Light Language Activations and Channelled Transmissions, Energy Healing Sessions and more.

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