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How to Create a Sacred Space

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

How to Create a Sacred Space by Earth Star Transmissions Blog
Creating a Sacred Space

As I begin writing this I am filled with so much joy for the simplicity and nourishment that a Sacred Space brings. It doesn't need to have all the bells and whistles to have an amazing impact on us and it is a unique, individual representation of who we are and it allows us a retreat from all that life throws at us and mostly it brings us into a space of peace, calm and solitude.

What is a Sacred Space?

It is a space where we are totally free to surrender to who we are, to explore the outer reaches of the Universe and to become an open and clear vessel for higher dimensional wisdom.

Lets be honest, it's all within us, not out there, however through visualising ourselves moving into a higher space, we lift our vibration and it assists in us reaching higher states of consciousness, even though its all right here inside of us.

That aside, a Sacred Space is an area in our home, our office, out in nature or almost anywhere you can think of that you can create a room, a corner, a shelf that is dedicated solely to your spiritual practice and it is yours and yours alone.

The beauty of a Sacred Space is that the more you use it the more powerful it becomes in terms of energy. It becomes the green light to the Universe every time you spend time in your Sacred Space to say I'm ready to connect now!

This makes tapping into the knowledge, guidance and wisdom we all have access to much easier, and who doesn't like to make this already complicated life as easy as we possibly can?

Your Sacred Space is somewhere to detach from the outside world and be still and peaceful. It is a space to journal, to meditate, to sit in the power, to connect with your spirit team, to connect with your crystals, to read your tarot or oracle cards, to play with your runes, create art or to write. You get the idea! Anything of a spiritual nature that you are drawn to can be done in this space and you will make it look and feel exactly how you would expect a space of peace and calm to look and feel. You will bring in items that make you feel calm, happy, peaceful, uplifted, high vibe and connected to all that is. This could be Source energy, God, Goddess, Universe or whatever you align with. If you are Reiki attuned then this could be a nice place to self heal or to give others healing. You might like to do Yoga or Meditation in your Sacred Space and as previously discussed the energy will shift into a much higher vibration the more you undertake spiritual practices in it.


To set up your Sacred Space I would firstly recommend some nice Candles, Crystals if you love them as much as I do, Flowers or Plants add a nice touch and if you can, some dim lighting for those times you want to lay back, relax and deeply meditate. You can add each of the elements to your space if you like such as Feathers to represent Air, Candles for Fire, Plants or Flowers for Earth, a Bowl or Vase of Water or a water feature for Water.

Use your imagination and remember that there are no rules and your intention is more important than anything else. You might like to place some artwork that holds significance for you here or add an Oracle Card or two that you have drawn for yourself. Your Sacred Space is also a great area for any crystal grids you may be working with or vision boards you have created. Visit this space every day and give it positive energy. You can bring Reiki energy through to charge up your grid or the space in general and this will also keep the energy in a high frequency. If you have any figurines of Angels, Goddesses, Deities that you feel aligned with you could also include them. Remember that this is your own space to make beautiful in any way that lights you up.

I find that a Sacred Space is a really important thing to have as we awaken to our intuitive abilities as we will need somewhere that we can be completely quiet and detached for a short time on a regular basis to simply 'be'. To be who we are in our truth and to relax and recalibrate as our energy is shifting so much as we go through the ascension process that it is necessary to take some time out, to clear our energy and just breathe.

If you're looking for some ideas on how to decorate your special Sacred Space you can checkout my Pinterest Board Here and finally don't feel for a second that you're ever being selfish for taking some time out for yourself.

When you take this time out, you are showing everyone around you including your children that you value yourself enough to take good care of yourself. It's necessary, and its beneficial to do so and if anyone tells you otherwise or tries to make you feel guilty about it then set your boundaries, and trust in your intuition as to whether or not they are worthy of your time. You are worth every minute of time you give yourself to relax and to de-stress from all the hard work you do and the time you give of yourself to the world. You are setting an example for all those around you who might be holding themselves back through lacking self love and self worth and over giving of their energy as well.

Sending love and blessings!

Narelle X

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