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Collective Transmission from the Arcturians

Updated: Mar 25

Channelled by Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Collective Transmission from the Arcturians by Earth Star Transmissions
God speed....We come to you today with an important message. A message to be shared among the masses far and wide. It is one of hope. It is one of pure divine love. It is a calling - a calling for each and every one of you, you know who you are to now rise to continue raising the frequency, sharing the codes, grounding to Mother Earth and enmeshing with the pure Source energy. This is of vital importance at this time and we come to you with the sincerest hope that you will heed the call, that you will not be complacent in your action and that you will accept the committment of grounding your light into your immediate environment, of linking with others just like you and working together as a team of lightworkers, ready to move humanity to higher levels of awareness.

Know this is you if you are listening to this or accessing this transmission in some other way. The starseeds have been activated on a high level right now and we ask that the message be received and be acted upon immediately.

What must you do you ask?

Continue to take care of your physical vessel - continue to remain hydrated - continue to move energy within and around your physical vessel and ground and clear and rise up now. Remain above it. You know what I speak of. This is the way through. This is the only way through, for much has been done, very likely without your knowledge, though it takes an army so to speak to move mountains and we must move mountains. This has been decades in the making so we must not falter now. Be one with each other, join forces, unite, create, harmonise, re-calibrate, manifest and above all else, stay strong powerful ones. Lead by example and show compassion to those who may not yet understand - the ones who still sleep and though they sleep, they are beginning to change on some level. All will experience a different level of change, a change they agreed to, a change they do not remember, though a change for each of them that will shift their perspective somewhat. Some will not understand. Some will awaken suddenly. This may create fear or chaos, so you must make yourselves accessible. They will come to you seeking guidance, to each of you who hold the codes, the wisdom, the knowledge to support them and to show them the way. So be still, be true and remain centred and divine in all ways. We will connect with you soon. We wish you many many blessings.
We are the Arcturian Council of 9.

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