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Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

View life as a meditation in motion.

A flow from this moment to the next, whilst not allowing your thinking mind to float too far into the distance. Living for this very moment makes life harmonious, balanced and gives us a sense of freedom for there is no expectation in this moment. There is no pressure or stress and we are focusing only on RIGHT NOW. That immediately eliminates worry about the future, or grief and regret from the past. We are free in the here and now - Free from any negative thoughts about who we are and who we think we should be.

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Life, in this very moment can be anything we want it to be. Do you know how powerful you are as a human? You can create anything you can imagine as long as you are able to hold the frequency of what you wish to manifest. If you can think it, it will materialise.

What I mean by that is you must first think of it, then see it in your mind, then feel it in every part of you as already being in existence. There are two parts to this - Belief and Trust! Belief that this is possible and will work and Trust that your request WILL be granted. Remember though, there is a very fine line between 'Want' and 'Need'. Do you really need what you are asking for? Is it coming from the right place? Or is it simply something you want, that is coming from a materialistic perspective? There's nothing wrong with wanting material things, they're nice! but if you dig a bit deeper and ask yourself why it is you want the Red Ferrari so much, you may settle on something else.. If it is filling a void within you, then all the Ferrari's in the world won't make you happy.

Manifesting will highlight aspects of yourself you hadn't touched on before. It teaches you about who you are as a person, your values and belief systems. A good tip when conjuring up your desires is to ask for what it is you wish for, followed by "Or something better". This prevents you placing limitations upon yourself. We don't always know what is best for us so asking for what you would like or something better, ensures the highest possible outcome. Always be very specific aswell. If you are looking for a partner for example and ask for a man who will be compatible with you, with blue eyes and brown hair who has a really successful career etc, ensure you state that he be available or you may meet someone with all of those traits who is perfect for you, but married. Be very specific. When you do manifest what you have asked for, ensure you give thanks.

You may be curious as to how the title of this post "BREATHE relates to Manifestation. What does breathing have to do with getting what you want? It's simple really - The Breath is your access point to the Universe, to God/Goddess, Source - whoever or whatever that higher source is for you. The Breath is vital for us to live healthily and happily. Notice your breathing right now. How deeply do you breathe? Have you ever stopped and paid attention to your breathing? It's not uncommon to have bypassed this your entire life and just taken for granted that you are able to breathe, but there is a deeper connection between your breath and all aspects of your life. We know that to be alive we must continue to breathe, but that's probably as far as most of us have delved into the topic. In fact, if we don't breathe properly, our bodies may be in a constant state of stress. If you are someone who shallow breathes, meaning you take short breaths, rather than drawing the oxygen deep down into your belly, you could be feeling stressed, rushed, overwhelmed and unable to relax or wind down. Your body might feel stiff and sore and you may be experiencing disrupted sleep. When you take a breath in deeply and slowly, you notice a difference. The world around you slows down. Life takes on a calmer pace as YOU are now calmer within yourself. If this happens with one breath, imagine what happens when you take several.

This forms the basis of a Meditative practice, but you do not need to sit down to do this. You can do this as you walk, as you perform your daily activities, as you are cleaning, as you are cooking. You will feel more centred and present if you do this and it can be done anytime, anywhere. Of course if you feel drawn to Meditate in the typical way, then fantastic. I definitely urge you to try it, but if you are someone who just doesn't feel like that is for you, then it shouldn't stop you gaining the benefits that are a natural by product of Meditating. Just a few minutes a couple of times a day of consciously breathing in and out slowly - in through your nose and out through your mouth, will create a shift for you. You can add to it by imagining you are breathing in light and positivity and breathing out negativity. The more you do it, the more 'in the moment' you will feel, which is great for your focus and concentration and is empowering. You are, after all in control of your life, so when you feel like life is taking control of you, take a few deep breaths and come back to 'right now' and know anything is possible when you Breathe, Believe & Trust!

Some of the benefits of Conscious Breathing are:

Feeling calmer

Heart Health

Better sleep

Straighter teeth

Spiritual growth

More energy

And so much more.

Narelle x

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