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Arcturian Transmission

Updated: Mar 25

Channelled by Narelle Monteleone 5/4/23

Arcturian Channelled Transmission by Earth Star Transmissions. Read more here
Remain balanced. Remain still. Remain calm for all is as it should be. Your world moves in circles as does the whole Universe. Circles that spiral inward and at times cross over, merging with other circles. These are circles of energy. Circles of experiences and timelines that must play out in order for growth to occur, for change and for evolution, singularly and collectively.

Fear not this change dear ones, for this is a beautiful experience you each play a part in now. It will be and has been tumultuous at times, this is true, but remain centred in your heart and know that this is all for the expansion of your civilisation and your planet, dear Mother Gaia. She is a living being just as each of you are, and she needs our support right now.

You each possess an ability - more than one in fact. This is your natural ability - one that has been with you lifetime after lifetime. Take this time to hone your craft. Spend time simply BE-ing, entering inward, releasing all distractions and building the energy within that will serve not only yourselves during these coming times, but also those who will need your guidance and indeed your light.

You are the lightbringers dear ones. You are the change. You are the way forward. You rebalance the Earth and you bring eachother into balance also with your unique energy signature. It is not a time to be fearful in any way. Look to the sky. Know we are here! Look deep into your hearts and find the will that is yours to stand up and claim your power now. You are each deserving of a life filled with abundance and freedom and it will be yours. Trust and keep moving forward with love in your hearts and gratitude for all that you are. We will leave you with this for now but we send you all the blessings and love to support your next steps.

We are the Arcturian Council and we wish you many blessings.

FB: @narellmonteleone444

INSTA: @narelle_monteleone

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