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Anxiety or Empath?

Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

Anxiety or Empath? A blog by Earth Star Transmissions. Read at

Are you Anxious but unsure of the cause?

As we go through cycles in life we find ourselves struggling with challenges from time to time that although we learn and inevitably grow from, can cause us stress and Anxiety. Stress and Anxiety come in varying levels of intensity, depending on a number of factors, and there are many ways to reduce the impact they can have on our health and well-being. Relaxation, Breathing Techniques, Meditation & Mindfulness, Lifestyle Changes and even Medication.

The Anxiety I would like to discuss however is Anxiety without any apparent cause.

This type of Anxiety is brought about through Sensitivity. As a sensitive person you will naturally feel what others are feeling - the energy of everything in your space will be felt and although this is not your energy you are feeling, you may feel it as Anxiety.

If you are in a crowded space or maybe even just with one other person who may be feeling upset or stressed, depressed etc, it is not uncommon, as a Sensitive person to feel the energy emanating from them. As an Empath, you are somewhat like a sponge absorbing everything you come into contact with. It has taken me a really long time to understand why for all of my life, up until the past few years I have experienced Anxiety when there was no particular cause at certain times. As a small child I was what would be described as overly sensitive. I found school to be a harsh environment that I never liked and would daydream alot of the time. There are times when the Anxiety has had a legitimate cause behind it, but there are many times when I have been baffled as to why I was feeling that way.

I now understand that it was not MY energy but that I was feeling the energies of others. It may have simply been energy within an area, a house, a shop etc that remained there and that I had visited, only later to feel the effects.

Everything is Energy, plain and simple and it cannot be destroyed. It is important to practice self care and this is especially important when it comes to our energy. If you are a super sensitive person, have been told "You're too sensitive" then I'm going to say you're an Empath and are probably taking on the energy of others without realising it.

You wouldn't want to take a complete stranger home with you that you found on the street, and taking on another person's energy is pretty much the same thing, so my advice is to begin a daily Grounding & Protection Routine. Just as you shower daily, get dressed etc, so too should you shield your energy. It will make a difference to how you feel as taking on the energies of others can be very draining. Of course not everyone's energy is draining, in fact you will also feel positive uplifting vibes from others, but the low vibes are the ones that deplete us. There are also crystals you can wear or carry in your pocket to help to protect your energy. They can act as a barrier around the Auric field to keep us within our space and not allow anyone else's energy to enter.

As a Reiki Master Teacher & Seichim Master I have learned the importance of setting energetic boundaries and making it a daily practice. Reiki & Seichim raise your vibration and help to keep your energy clear.

Narelle x

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