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Updated: Mar 25

By Narelle Monteleone - Earth Star Transmissions

But I don't have time....... I hear this all the time with my clients when the topic of Meditation comes up.

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Believe me, I understand the juggling act we all go through, between work and family and all of our other commitments. The thing is, there really is enough time if it's something we value. When you pause and take stock of everything that you fit into your day you will notice that there are certain components that you would not leave off your list. These differ person to person of course but I'm sure you have a list of non negotiables. For example, you always find time to eat and you find time to sleep and you find time to practice personal hygiene and you probably find time to exercise so there is in fact time for the things that we each feel are important to us.

So, now we come to the part where I attempt to sell you on the importance of Meditating so that you come to a place of feeling it is a non negotiable; an activity that becomes as commonplace as brushing your teeth, or taking a shower. Why am I pushing so hard on the whole Meditation thing? Well....It is a life changer in my opinion and the reason I say that is, it has definitely changed my life and I'm the type of person who likes to share my knowledge with others, and if by doing that I can help to empower them, then I have accomplished what I came here to do.

Meditation has a tonne of benefits on a Physical, Spiritual & Emotional Level. I feel personally that anyone on their spiritual journey will progress more quickly if they incorporate a Meditative Practice into their day. Why? Because when we Meditate, we are still, we are present and we are not distracted by the many many many distractions this world has on offer. To connect in with our Intuition or connecting with our Spiritual Team of Guides and Angels, we need the space to receive their messages and to create a clear connection. Meditation creates this clear space along with raising our energetic vibration which is also what we need to make that connection with them. When we Meditate regularly some of the benefits are:

  1. Stress Reduction

  2. Reduces Anxiety

  3. Promotes Concentration

  4. Raises energetic Vibration

  5. Promotes Mindfulness

  6. Relaxation

  7. Lowers your Heart Rate

  8. Increases self awareness

  9. Creates a sense of peace within

  10. Less reactive to stressful situations

  11. And so much more.......

The main thing to realise is that Meditation doesn't have to be a whole drawn out process that takes alot of time. Doing a simple Grounding Meditation can be done in a couple of minutes before even getting out of bed. So for anyone really short of time, setting the alarm just 5 mins earlier in the morning is all you need. By allowing yourself this 5 mins, you will actually be more efficient with your other activities during the rest of the day so you will save time. As you become more focused through regular meditation, your life will flow and you will become more in alignment with what it is that you place your focus upon. This is how we are able to manifest what we wish for, by being in the right energetic frequency. Rushing, being stressed and anxious only attracts more situations that keep us in that state, so you can see how just a few minutes a day is not a lot to sacrifice in order to bring us into balance.

There are many types of Meditation and by trying various Meditation styles, you will find what works best for you. For some it is sitting or lying, with eyes closed and doing some deep breathing, for others it may be incorporating some soft relaxation music, for others, a Guided Meditation may feel more comfortable. No one style is better than another - the point is to create that calm space for yourself so that you relaxing, releasing and receiving the intuitive guidance to help you navigate life and be in the flow with all that is. To be in a state of calm and to bring more light into our physical being.

Narelle x

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