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Awaken Your Inner Mystic Course - Self Paced Online Course for spiritual seekers.

Awaken your Inner Mystic is a journey that Activates and Heals, Teaches and Supports you in accessing your Intuitive abilities in order to live a more soul led life!

Everything happens in Divine Timing and this is certainly true for the Spiritual Journey.

Trust where you are being guided, and through implementing the practices  within these Teachings, you will open to more Guidance and Knowledge from the Higher Realms.  May this course Activate within you, a Remembrance of the Knowledge you already possess and may it be a catalyst for change in your life, Awakening you to even more of your Multidimensional Self! 

Narelle Monteleone is a Spiritual Teacher, Channel, Reiki Master Teacher & Ascension Coach here to support you on your journey of accessing your Inner Mystic in order to step into your Divine Mission.


Awaken Your Inner Mystic Course with Narelle Monteleone of Earth Star Transmissions
  • Self Paced Course accessed via Online Portal

  • Includes 'Awakening your Intuitive Abilities" Ebook

  • Live Zoom Call Q & A with Activation & Energy Clearing 

  • Guided Meditation Recordings
    Spiritual Development Techniques & Practices 

  • Video Recording

  • Easy to Follow Content

  • Private Facebook Group to ask questions

  • Add on a VIP Experience - A 1:1 x 1 Hour Ascension Coaching Session with Narelle which includes intuitive guidance, activations with light language and channelling for just $97 Aud​




Section 1 ~ Grounding Meditation & Awakening your Intuitive Abilities 

Section 2 ~ Creating a Daily Practice 

Section 3 ~ Clearing the Clutter 

Section 4 ~ The Awakening Journey 

Section 5 ~ Grounding 

Section 6 ~ Activation 

Section 7 ~ Just Breathe 

Section 8 ~ Energetic Hygiene

Section 9 ~ Intuition 

Section 10 ~ It's Okay, it's just Spirit!

Section 11 ~ Connection - Meet your Spirit Guides

Section 12 ~ Channelled Writing 

Section 13 ~ Healing Practices

Section 14 ~ Psychic Practices 

Section 15 ~ This is just the Beginning!

You will need a Laptop or PC for this Course as it will not display correctly on a Mobile Phone. 

Pay Now $333 Audor Payment Plan Available3 Weekly Payments of $111 Aud

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